TEN chasing cricket broadcast rights

After losing both AFL and NRL rights, TEN has signalled its intent to bid aggressively for Cricket broadcasting rights, as Nine’s seven-year contract with Cricket Australia ends this summer.

“We are very interested in all of the cricket rights and we will be engaging with Cricket Australia,” TEN’s chief operating officer Jon Marquard told News Limited.

“One of the best things to happen to a code, cricket in this case, can be a change of broadcasters.

“We have always said we are interested in premium sport and we are very interested in the cricket rights.”

The current TV deal is understood to be worth about $320 million, a new five-year TV rights deal could fetch as much as $600m – $700m.

TEN also has a specific interest in the Big Bash because it appeals to the younger demographics.

There is speculation FOX Sports could share the Big Bash rights with another station such as TEN.

Nine has screened the Cricket for 33 years.


  1. @cnrmlj
    This will be good if TEN or Seven got the rights instead of putting up with Nine’s “Memorabilia”
    Maybe they did that to get the rights to V8 Supercars and the Cricket

  2. Nothing wrong with the fox sports commentary team. They all provide great insight, all but 1 have played professionally this century and they don’t spend half the time banging on about rubbish nine shows and dodgy memorabelia.

  3. Aren’t Ten trying to raise fresh capital just in order to keep the lights on? How can they serious enter a bidding war with Nine for cricket. Nine, who now has a clean balance sheet and therefore $$$ in the pocket.

  4. Cheers @cleavy and @HD sports All I could remember was SBS having it due to Nine deciding not to show it in 2009 (and the same in 2005 with the UK Channel 4 telecast).

    Mislead myself a little with Nine’s contract finishing, of course it says with Cricket Australia, which I read as the whole contract being up (reading comprehension Lost d’oh).

    Also cheers on why it has been brought forward, though delaying it one year to 2015/16 Summer would have been better for mine, as England still have it in 2017 (then not so close together at 3 months and then a long gap of just under 4 years).

  5. Andrewb- HD coverage instead of FTA coverage does very little to broaden a fan base. And to be honest Fox Sports cricket commentary is amateur at best

  6. 9 and Fox Sports have the rights to the 2013 Ashes in England. It was announced years ago.

  7. @CamReed
    Ch9 have the right to the Ashes in 2013 (July/Aug). The Ashes played in Oz (starting Nov 2013) was brought forward due to Oz/NZ hosting the ODI World Cup the following summer (2014/15)

  8. @Sydney2K They did have it in 2009, however that was because no other station was showing it, so it will depend on the new rights and who gets those whether the Ashes in the UK will be seen on SBS or not (rights owner has 1st dibs).

    For some bizarre reason the Ashes have been scheduled in the UK for July/August 2013 then a again a few months later in Australia Nov/Dec 2013/Jan 2014., so I would be guessing whoever gets the rights will show both this time around.

  9. Big bash definitely needs some free to air matches and I think Ten would be a perfect fit. I think Nines cricket coverage is stale, being very aussiecentric in the commentary. After 33 years a new station could freshen things up a bit, and test cricket certainly needs to get some new fans. Bring in some commentators from the teams the aussies are playing to even thing up . It feels like groundhog day every time summer rolls around with the same old rotating roster, dusted off and plonked in front of the microphone. As for cricket haters, ever heard of a remote control.

  10. Would be great to have the big bash league on free to air. Its too good for the games to be confined to foxtel. Maybe they can have certain games simulcast on free to air and foxtel at the same time. It can be acheived just look at the new a-league deal. Very much looking forward to free to air a-league games next year.

  11. I’ll believe it when it happens. So far we have been lead to believe all year that TEN will get the NRL and AFL only to come up with nothing. Now this. What next? The Australian Open and The Melbourne Cup? Its seems they are all talk and no happening.

    In saying this i hate cricket so doesn’t worry me where it ends up. The sport is one of the most boring on the planet.

  12. Please don’t let this go to TEN..what a mess that would be! They would have no idea how to schedule or utilise and it would be a major backward step for Cricket Australia…

  13. Two things need to be addressed. Big Bash needs to be covered by FTA in some capacity ASAP, it will rate very well. Overseas tours of India, RSA and all big events should be on FTA in addition to the Ashes.

  14. @BigVic Bill Lawry is retiring at the end of the upcoming home series against Sri Lanka, plus some would likely move over any way (like they have when AFL/NRL changes).

  15. To me this is the coup 10 need to rebuild their brand. Next year has 2 ashes series and the year after the world cup. Add to that big bash. A great way for 10 to remind people they exist.
    plus a refresh of commentary & production wouldnt go astray.
    @bigvic Bill announced his retirement last week.

  16. Maybe they could do overseas tours like s.africa Nz India etc i mean its not like it would replaying any sports in winter

    Maybe they could do a deal with the abc so they can have the same commentators

  17. @MHA I have no doubt no matter what channel the Cricket is on next year that viewers will follow, especially with it being between Australia and England for The Ashes. So to go full throttle at it this time around is a good idea, you pretty much are guaranteed a revenue stream (plus Sky Sports in the UK take the Aust Feed, so dollars in that as well).

    @Bella Be great to have it on ONE in HD, unfortunately due to the same Goverment Rules Nine do not show it on GEM in HD, TEN will have the same hassle. Yes they could be simulcast, however I understand why channels are reluctant to have the same thing on 2 Channels at the same time.

  18. V8 Supercars comes up for renewal media rights for 2013-2017, TEN is expected to bid around $350mil for it which will be announced in 1-2 weeks time. They should have money left over for the CA rights.

  19. Wouldn’t Cricket Australia be worried that TEN may not exist in a couple years? Or would they expect an upfront payment like how the NRL is paid on their new contract with Nine? Too risky, as TEN have no money being $700 odd million dollars in debt and losing more by the day. There is no guarantee of viewers and revenue returns, especially if a flat summer?

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