Ellen gives audience Aussie trip, Oprah style.

First Oprah, now Ellen.

400 audience members of The Ellen DeGeneres Show just got a 7 night trip to Australia, in a surprise birthday-style gift from the US talk show host.

The audience screamed wildly when DeGeneres broke the news after interviewing Nicole Kidman, and red, white and blue streamers showered down upon them and the Qantas and Swisse banners rolled out.

DeGeneres will visit Sydney and Melbourne in her first ever visit down under, but there are no details on filming shows yet.

The episode is due to air at 7:30pm Saturday on Arena and on Nine on Monday.

The big moment happens after 3:00 mins in.


  1. It wasn’t edited, both nine and arena played the same episode, it was announced 3 mins into the segment and the final segment of the show leads directly to the credits

  2. Ellen won’t be bringing 400 “screaming Americans” with her. They will be visiting independently over the next 12 months.
    Tourism Aust. isn’t paying. Swisse and Qantas are paying. Tourism Aust. will benefit enormously from the free publicity worldwide thru “Ellen”.
    I’m sure the visiting Americans won’t get in the way of those being so critical. I wonder if they will be turned away if they want to spend some US$ in your business?

  3. It was announced that it would be filmed segments and no audiences, the Ellen audience were given tickets and fly anytime in 12 months, anytime is a good time to have Australia pushed from a tourist point of view it always brings dollars into the country no matter how big our small. Not sure why all the negative comments, don’t enjoy don’t watch!!

  4. While it’s great coverage for Australia, it’s a shame that Australia has to pay so much to have this type of coverage…why are we so intent on having the U.S “validate” us so much?? If it wasn’t for Swisse and Qantas forking over so much money would she even be interested..? I mean, she’s married to an Aussie and still has never been here for crying out loud… sounds a bit like a “oh if they’re paying…sure” moment..

  5. cynical old codger

    Trouble is see one mine, or a monster hole in the ground with monster trucks, where there once was beautiful country and history etc, you’ve seen them all.

    Since story has hit the media, I overheard some captive/injured wildlife chatting among themselves, around their enclosures/cages, and not being an Irwin or the Bondi Vet etc. I think it went something like this.

    Fences,Hunters,Tree Clearing,Mining Urbanization,Climate Change, Drought and Bushfires and now even more “Celeb’s” , just what have we done to these people to deserve all this?

  6. I am surprised at the many snarky and sarcastic comments. So what if Ellen comes to town and brings a screaming audience with her? They will spend money while they are here. They will enjoy the sites of our beautiful cities. Don’t watch it if you find it so offensive. I am not a huge Ellen fan but I will watch the Australian episodes and I bet the majority of the people who have commented here will watch too.

  7. Yep it didn’t air on Arena (Saturday 7.30pm) even though they where running promos all day right up to 4pm saying it was airing. I don’t think Nine has first run rights(?), because Arena airs Ellen at 11am daily where Nine airs it at 12pm. David could you perhaps investigate? Cheers

  8. @Akram. It is my understanding that Tourism Australia has no direct involvement with Ellen’s visit. It is essentially sponsered by Swisse who have signed her as a global ambassador

    I know a few teenagers that are so excited about the visit. There are even plans to go interstate to try and see her and see filming.

  9. @ deedeedragons I agree X factor contestants or Voice are needed to show case Aussie talent.
    There are so many hard working musicians who would deserve a break or show case on Ellen. The X & V stars had their TV moment and don’t deserve more!
    Hope Ellen has teams research this is she wants to see Aussie musicians (not pop stars)
    Also very glad Ellen is coming to Oz :)

  10. Definitely good news for the tourism industry!

    Does anyone else find Ellen really fake these days? The first three or four seasons of her talk show were always fun and entertaining and she’d have what seems to be a real conversation with guests. Since season 5 she seems often disinterested in her guests and says the same responses “you’re great/hilarious/so funny, uh-ha’. It’s as if she is not listening and reading an auto-cue for a suitable response. And the guests often have nothing to talk about anyway, so there appearance is only 4 mins long and there was nothing from it.

  11. jezza the first original one

    uugghh….oh no not again. I can’t stand ellen, I think the show is truly awful US crap and it makes me spew when everyone is fawning over these US personalities. It will not be too long before someone says how many millions of $$$ this will boost tourism by. Well the Oprah effect was complete BS, and I don’t think ellen will be any different….Cringeworthy piffle

  12. Fabulous that Ellen is coming here!
    It’s not just Reece Mastin Im afraid – The Collective & Johnny Ruffo fans are also tweeting their little hearts out, bless!

  13. Now I get why there is a trend on twitter to get Reese Mastin on there singing.

    Its about time Ellen came here. I mean Portia is from here and you would think she would what to see her partners country. I think it will be more fun than Oprah. It wont be as serious.

    It means more screaming Americans are coming. Oh well spend up big.

    Its a shame Rove never took his audience anywhere. I know I dont think it was in the budget.

  14. I always find it interesting how American shows interpret Australia when they’re here. I do feel proud that our country once again will be showcased by a major American show. Welcome to Australia Ellen.

  15. Ellen is the new Oprah.

    All they needed was John Travolta as the pilot carrying out the plane.

    Little disappointed when they were talking about the environment and they didn’t mention the fires. I mean this was just taped yesterday so it’s not like they wouldn’t have known or seen the local new mention it.

  16. I read something about Ellen will be here in March and she is only filming segments.

    I like Ellen. But just hope she doesn’t go too over the top. Or go with the tacky stuff. Really show off Melbourne and Sydney for what it is.

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