New-look Meet the Press for TEN

2013-01-31_1038TEN is revamping Meet the Press, its political interview show of 21 years, in a partnership deal with News Limited.

The programme will now be produced by as an hour-long show by News Limited with Kathryn Robinson (Breakfast, TEN News) as host, replacing Paul Biongiorno.

TEN CEO, James Warburton, said “Over the past two decades, Meet The Press has become an iconic program on Australian television screens.

“Our partnership with News Limited will take Meet The Press to a new level and is another example of the innovative content partnerships we are pursuing at Network TEN.”

News Limited CEO, Kim Williams, said: “News Limited has an extraordinary breadth and depth of journalistic talent across news reporting, political analysis, sport, entertainment and lifestyle. We have some of the best and most respected commentators in Australia.

“Network TEN and News Limited will partner to create a fresh news show that will resonate strongly with audiences. It will cover politics in ways that are really relevant to people across Australia, as well as offering fresh coverage of sport, entertainment and lifestyle.”

Meet The Press will return 10.30am on Sunday, February 17, with The Bolt Report to return to Sunday mornings in


  1. cynical old codger

    What is it with all these Combined but non-complementary Specialty Topic hour long shows, sport is sport, and for good current political affairs I watched the like of ‘Meet The Press”
    As much as I originally felt sorry for what I thought Kathryn endured, whilst she sat next to Henry(except for the revolving news presenters) others were more lucky, as they could go outside to spew.
    But sorry, I can never forget her emphatic claim that Henry was the most misunderstood man on television, during breakfast’s best and last day. I hope she never contracted something sitting that close for so long, so I will still give her the benefit of my doubt, that it was better to keep Henry as a friend than to make him an enemy.
    As I will again also give Meet the Press and Kathryn such benefits.But honestly I find it hard to conjure up, “Fair Honest and Consistent” with a duopoly of Ten( who gives and gave us Bolt and Henry) and News Ltd for obvious reasons.

  2. Saw someone in McDonalds yesterday reading a Daily Telegraph. Two pages dedicated to ridiculing the PM’s new glasses, with childish cartoons. Guess it’s catering to the level of its readers. How “down market” will Meet the Press go now?

  3. carolemorrissey

    Oh damn, for a minute there I thought they had dumped The Bolt Report. He is so biased it is ridiculous. Thought commentators & journalists were supposed to be neutral.

  4. “The News of The World scandal was simply one company being outted for what can only be expected is done by all tabloid papers.”

    Haven’t laughed so much in ages. Cheers Josh.

  5. I believe TEN are doing the right thing as TEN needs a shake up. Which James Warburton is doing a great job by even doing this which Lachlan Murdoch and James Packer destroyed the network. JW knows the tricks over at Seven West Media

  6. Another avenue for the right wing mob at news limited to force its right wing views on unsuspecting viewers. . You lost me ten . I Dont buy any news limited papers now i wont be watching any ten programming. Hello seven

  7. HardcorePrawn

    “The Bolt Report to return to Sunday mornings in March.”

    Couldn’t they just bring back Video Hits instead? At least Fuzzy and the rest would provide better political insight and journalism than Andrew Bolt!

  8. @ Jason – The News of The World scandal was simply one company being outted for what can only be expected is done by all tabloid papers. You don’t seriously think TMZ gets all its information from credited sources? News Corp. owns plenty of notable news papers around the world, with Meet The Press focusing more so on the business ones than the ‘News of the World’ type papers. And as dom said TEN do a large amount of outsourcing. Breakfast was an inhouse project and it tanked, TEN’s Late News is on it’s death bed with dwindling ratings, and the News at 5pm slot is down to one presenter and has the least ratings of the commercial networks for afternoon news. Trust me, News Corp. will do a hell of a lot better job than TEN.

  9. I’ve always thought Meet the Press should be an hour long and i’m glad Kathryn is back on Ten. But I suppose no more Michelle Gratton :( I hope Ten keeps this fair and unbiased and not a Bolt Report warmup.

  10. Jason The Project is produced by Roving Enterprises, the same company that produces Before the Game for Ten.

    Channel 10 is moving away from a company that makes television in house and to a company that outsources to other companies. It has worked for their general entertainment shows and for The Project.

  11. Can’t really be surprised by this decision with news limited. Surely Bolt report has been funded by News Ltd and or the Libs since it started.

    All we ask for is balance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ABCNews24 will probably be one of the few places where there will be balance, calm analysis and fairness during the election campaign. The only negative is that not many people will be watching (see ratings)!

  13. @Josh777- ” they are the best news company in the world”. Really. I guess the phone hacking scandal has been forgotten.
    “This is good business by TEN, as they have admited that they don’t have the resources or capacity to make an A-grade news program.”
    The Project? TEN News at Five? TEN Late News?
    and what of the new Hamish McDonald project?

  14. Meet the Press – the last remaining jewel in TEN’s once significant & reliable news department. Why not just hand it over to Andrew Bolt as host. It’ll save a lot of time down the track.

  15. Secret Squirrel

    This is just reward for Kathryn Robinson having to sit next to Paul Henry for all those weeks. However, I am also wondering whether News Ltd’s rabid right bias will infect what was a decent, balanced program.

  16. This is good business by TEN, as they have admited that they don’t have the resources or capacity to make an A-grade news program. It’s the same thing that Foxtel done when they acquired 100% of The Weather Channel, knowing full well they didn’t have the capacity to run it properly so got Sky News Australia to take over managing and operating the channel. And all those with conspiracy theories about News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch give it a rest, they are the best news company in the world for a reason so they are the best people to run a show such as this. It’s either that or we can let TEN go it alone and have another Breakfast-gate.

  17. “Our partnership with News Limited will take Meet The Press to a new level”. Hmm, that’s what I fear.
    “We have some of the best and most respected commentators in Australia” – like Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman……

  18. So in other words.. TEN is dumbing down Meet The Press by getting News Limited to produce it. Meet The Press is an interview panel show focussed on politics; ‘fresh coverage of sport, entertainment and lifestyle..’ has no place here..

  19. The good thing about Meet The Press was that it was unbiased. I hope a partnership with News Limited doesn’t mean that it will now have a right-wing agenda like their newspapers so obviously do.

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