Bumped: Better Homes and Gardens

bhgarFrom next week Better Homes and Gardens makes a permanent move to a new timeslot of 7pm Fridays on Seven.

This is to accommodate AFL commitments on Friday nights. Last year the show moved to Thursdays in some markets, creating a bit of havoc for scheduling and fair ratings comparisons.

The show will remain at 90 minutes with Home and Away to air a triple episode at 7pm Thursday March 21.

This week however, Better Homes and Gardens will air at 8:45pm Thursday in Melbourne due to the NAB Cup airing at 7:30pm Friday.

Bones is 10:15pm in Melbourne as a result.



  1. Just checked yahoo tv guide and the first episode is listed as episode 13 the twist in the plot which is a new episode. So even with the delay at this stage it is still a new episode.

    Its a shame with so many shows being a blend of new episodes and repeats that you have to double check whether you are watching new episodes or rerun.

  2. I’m assuming it’s so the 7 Network can maximise their audience for its main channel at all times.
    It does seem silly to split a show in half but I’m assuming its merely Vic/SA/Tas and maybe WA anyway.
    They paid a lot of money for live AFL coverage, it outrates Bh&G and H&A in the markets affected, so whats the problem? BH&G is a Friday night show personally. And the double ep on Thurs might actually grow H&A’s audience (Fri night may rate lower?)
    I understand their logic, it just seems different!

  3. Moving home and away for a half hour of bh & g is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Why mess about with home and away?

    I don’t watch bh & g but changing channels works well for sport. Doubt it will work for regular programming.

  4. I think it’s very silly of Ch 7 to play around with H&A not a good idea at all, this is an insult to the long running soapie and should always have no1 priority it should simply not be messed around with period. Ch 7 need to accomadate around H&A. Bad move 7!

  5. What an absolute mess!!! They have three channels they could program all this content on, yet they have to organise it by getting their viewers to switch channels in the middle of a show. Soo glad I’m not a fan of any of the these shows! Or football, which oce again screws up scheduling for everything else.

  6. Seven advises: In Adelaide when the footy starts at 7pm the show will be on 7two at 7pm.

    In Melbourne when the footy starts at 730pm the show will switch to 7two at that time. ie first half hour on 7 main channel and final hour on 7two.

    We successfully migrate audiences between channels during tennis etc and believe we will be able to do the same in this situation.

  7. Seven must have done some research and found that Home and Away’s audience is always low on Fridays because the target audience go out and entertain themselves, so by finishing a week’s episodes by Thursday it will not only keep its fans happy but also maintain the show’s ratings. With six episodes next week, the following week (beginning March 25) there will only be four episodes, with the 4th episode airing on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, depending on how the AFL match between Carlton and Richmond will be covered in each state on the Thursday.
    BH&G starting at 7pm not only gives them the jump on The Living Room but also live NRL in Sydney and Brisbane.
    It could be problematic for Melbourne in the week of March 25 though because of the AFL on the Thursday and Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal on the Friday. I reckon BH&G will have to be shown on 7TWO on the Friday.

  8. Silly idea moving Fridays H&A to 7:30pm Thursdays Australia wide.

    I do not get the triple episode on Thurs 21 March, why?

    What does that mean for H&A during the non AFL season? ie late Aug to late Nov & late Jan to mid March.

    If H&A returns to Fridays during non AFL season it will diminish its audience.

    “This is to accommodate AFL commitments on Friday nights. Last year the show moved to Thursdays in some markets, creating a bit of havoc for scheduling and fair ratings comparisons”

    What!!!! this is way worse, for H&A. H&A makes the network $$$$, BH&G doesn’t.

    H&A will end up being destroyed like Neighbours if 7 ain’t careful.

  9. carolemorrissey

    I noticed that in next weeks TV Week and thought it was a miss print. As someone who hates football, especially the AFL, yeah I know it’s supposed to be un-Australian to hate sport, but I do, it’s a major pain in the arse. I’m confused too about a triple sized Home & Away, is it not on another night too? Don’t give a shit about Better Homes & Gardens. Home & Away rates better, so they should dump Better Homes or shorten it. This is ridiculous.

  10. Maev....Sydney

    And of course…starting at 7PM will give them the jump on The Living Room….and I also do not know why they extended it to 90 minutes…I prefer TLR now anyway.

  11. I’m really confused both about home and away and the afl.

    If there is a triple episode of home and away thurday march 21st then what other day will home and away not be scheduled.

    I can understand bh & g being scheduled at 7pm on friday 22nd march because the round 1 friday night game is being played in adelaide and is live at 8.30pm into melbourne according to the broadcast guide on the afl website. Round 2 is live into melbourne on friday 5th april at 7.30pm so bh & g won’t be possible on friday night unless it only goes for half an hour which is unlikely.

    afl.com.au/tv-radio/broadcast-guide gives more information on scheduling of afl games.

    I just checked the pvr and the description for bones reads like a new episode. Is it definately a new episode despite the later start time?

  12. In this instance, the friday night match won’t start until after 8.30pm AEST. So I’m guessing that by having Better Homes earlier they will be able to air it on the main channel (where it will get greater exposure) rather than shift it to 7two. Going by the programmers wrap, I’m presuming that Better Homes will air on 7two when AFL matches start before 8.30pm.

    Btw Seven Perth has confirmed that all Friday night matches will air live on 7mate, so Thursday and Friday programming will continue uninterrupted.

  13. This doesn’t make sense.. according to the AFL’s 2013 Broadcast Guide, all Friday Night games will be live into Melbourne on the main channel as they were last year. Six of the first 10 Friday night games start at 7.50pm, this doesn’t leave any room for a 90 minute BH&G unless one of them changes channels or timeslots.

  14. They can now use 7mate in Adelaide and perth to show the Football Live this year Perth gets live Friday night football on 7mate and i have also noticed that Adelaide will get a game on 7 mate in on of the rounds cant remember which the brocast guide is on the afl website round 1 Adelaide vs Essendon Live into Adelaide on channel 7 didn’t say 7mate

  15. Um…don’t you mean a double episode of H&A on Thursday?

    Why does BH&G have to be for 90 mins anyway? It was always 60 mins before last year.

  16. “From next week Better Homes and Gardens makes a permanent move to a new timeslot of 7pm Fridays on Seven”

    ooh – I almost hate to say it “What about Adelaide, David?”.

    Matches at 7:50pm eastern will be telecast live from 7:00pm central time – leaving no room for BHG.

    Not that I’m concerned, I’m much more interested in the AFL than BHG, Johanna Griggs notwithstanding.

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