ONE scores record ratings for Formula One

2013-03-25_1139It’s a bit of a shame for TEN that we’re in non-ratings, with ONE landing its best-ever numbers for coverage of the FIA Formula One World Championship in Malaysia last night.

The race pulled an impressive 456,000 viewers (multichannels usually grab about 300,000 for their best daily performer) and peaked at 610,000. The pre-race was 227,000.

That makes it the #1 rated program on multichannels so far this year.

ONE also topped the multichannels with an equally-impressive 6.8% share.

The race was wrapped in controversy with a post-race argument developing between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

TEN also got good numbers for The Biggest Loser last night at 957,000 viewers, pipped by The Force (1.06m)/ Border Security (998,000) butĀ first in the key demos.

Of course, as we’re in non-ratings it’s arguable that Seven and Nine weren’t throwing full first-run schedules against the FIA, but it’s an encouraging result nonetheless.

Seven won the night.



  1. @JoshS
    Can we wait till 2013 UBS Chinese Grand Prix and see what Greg Rust says about the broadcast of F1. Slightly off topic but in comparison to F1- MotoGP will be shown on TEN according to @Thrusta1

  2. They realised that it was a bad mistake when even their sponsors were threatening to pull the plug.

    Why would TEN piss off their fans? No idea, but they’ve been on a pretty good streak over the last year in all aspects of their programming for pissing people off, to the point where even their ‘strong’ shows have no chance.

    They are reaping what they sow.

  3. @JoshS
    That was ages ago before they realised that it was a bad mistake. I’ve been trusting TEN since then with their F1 coverage. Why would they go down that path again and get the fans angry once again?

    I wish it was like 2009-2011 season where they had F1 race Live on ONE or even simulcast. The only advantages was for people without HD TV, HD STB, country people, as WIN used to air it at like 2am

  4. @JoshS
    Umm. ONE will be doing Live Coverage for WA, SA, NT and where are you getting this info from that it will be delayed on TEN and the usual suspects of last year

  5. What a great race it was, no surprise with the high ratings.
    F1 is about the only thing going right for the network right now- I’m sure they will be charging premium rates for commercial as well, this is the kind of content that draws in an otherwise very causal TV watching audience.

  6. slam, last year TEN put F1 on TEN, not ONE for the European rounds. Live? Sure. HD? Not a chance.

    They also considered doing it delayed AND on SD on TEN for WA, SA. NT.

    Don’t believe a word they say, it can change and probably will.

  7. It clearly demonstrates that people want it to be on ONE nationally not just TEN and ONE which was a flop and I believe ONE could get high ratings in prime time for euro rounds

  8. jezza the first original one

    Finally ch10 have got something that works….woo hoo.

    Now all they need to do is Listen!!!, keep F1 on ONE and lock in a substantial following, then put progs on ch10 itself that appeal to a broader, but different group and hey presto, the network is competitive. If they start stuffing around, they will stuff up…as usual, it is time to break the cycle.

    This F1 rivalry has captured folk’s imagination around the world, the sound bites to the drivers were compelling, it is Huge…… don’t stuff it up 10, seriously…..just for once.

  9. The rounds later at night (when it doesn’t disrupt the Super Sunday schedule) are live on Ten and ONE. Rounds earlier in the night such as Malaysia and Japan are shown live on ONE and replayed later on TEN.

    You will always see it live in HD

  10. I bet this doesn’t change TENs plans to show most of the season live on TEN in SD and re-run on ONE HD the next day!

    It was a great race, pity about the end and the fallout it has caused.

    As for the non ratings period, in reality does that even exist in the minds of the viewers. With all the options you can watch TV just about anywhere now.

  11. Secret Squirrel

    @Bogues – I don’t think it was simulcast on 10 in any state (anybody know differently?). They also wouldn’t be able to add in the numbers from the replay later in the evening on 10.

    @naca – think David means F1 not FIA.

  12. Only shows what a joke the whole “Rating Season” is, as its subjected to gaming and abuse. I wish advertisers would realize that the world and all economic activity in it, does not stop once the “Ratings Season” is declared over.

  13. The sooner ONE gets on Foxtel satellite the easier. Was out so recorded the replay on TEN but its a pain to get the rabbit ears out for one channel once and a while

  14. Didn’t they start showing F1 on both Ten and ONE last year? I know they started with it only on Ten and everyone was angry but I remember that by the time the European races came along it was back on ONE as well.

  15. hopefully it proves we want live F1 in high-def on ONE, not low-res on TEN. They should simulcast it so the water has a choice, but that may be asking too much…

  16. Why would Channel 7 and 9 be wanting to compete with the FIA ? It is a Motorsport and motoring organization based in France. If anything they should be quite supportive of some of the programs it runs such as trying to prevent at least 10 million road related deaths and accidents in developing countries.

  17. Good result for One, nice that they could build off the momentum of the Australian GP last week. The Chinese GP in three weeks should get similar numbers I hope, particularly with the added interest of what will happen next with the intra-team battle!

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