Parade’s End sinks on Nine

2013-01-12_2046Parade’s End had a dismal first outing on Nine last night, averaging just 453,000 viewers for its first hour -fourth in its timeslot.

The night again belonged to Seven with network shares at 32.9% then Nine 27.3%, ABC19.1%, TEN 15.6% and SBS 5.2%.

MKR at #1 with 1.75m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.13m), Today Tonight (962,000), Home and Away (901,000), Last Resort (771,000 / 526,000) and Deal Or No Deal (431,000).

The Block (1.29m) led Nine as former contestant Dale joined the fray then Nine News (1.2m), A Current Affair (964,000), Hot Property (685,000), Hot Seat (624,000) and Parade’s End (453,000 / 322,000).

ABC News (960,000) was best on ABC1 then Qi (759,000), 7:30 (691,000), The Agony of Life (688,000), Mad as Hell (623,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (521,000).

TEN News was 657,000 on TEN then Mr & Mrs Murder (598,000), Modern Family (456,000 / 357,000), The Project (404,000), The Simpsons (329,000) and The Good Wife (326,000).

On SBS ONE it was Wildest Latin America (233,000), Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission (185,000), Sandy: The Anatomy of a Superstorm (184,000) and World News Australia (167,000).

ABC2’s Peppa Pig (283,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 6 March 2013



  1. HardcorePrawn

    Parade’s End was never going to work on Nine, we all knew it, probably even Nine knew it. Now, as I suspected from the moment they announced it, it will be shunted off to late nights, or to Gem, or they might even try to sell it to the ABC again (and for significantly less than they tried to before, I’d imagine).

    And when will they learn that double (and in some cases triple) episodes just don’t work? Calling them ‘Feature-length episodes’ or ‘Movie-length events’ fools no-one and puts off many casual viewers who don’t want to invest that amount of time (or space on their PVR) in any one evening.

  2. Les Solomon

    Should never have gone to Nine, I think they thought they had another Downton, which any idiot could tell they didnt in the first 5 min utes

  3. cnrmlj, my issue is i haven’t seen a single promo for last resort that advertised it as a mini series. and i’ve seen plenty of promos for it.

  4. God bring on the biggest loser!! Ten need it to pull good numbers or they are really stuffed. I think it will pull good figures and it should be a good season by the looks of it.

  5. Not sure what the issue is with last resort. 7 have promoted it as a mini series. I knew that when it started and watched all 13 episodes and it comes to a logical conclusion.

  6. carolemorrissey

    I’m a channel 9 viewer and I watched it. I didn’t mind it. It frustrates me that Last Resort is doing so well. I feel people are watching it under false pretenses as they are probably not aware it got cancelled in the US. I probably would have watched it myself if I hadn’t heard that.

  7. Maev....Sydney

    Phewww….Oh good…I am not going deaf…I thought it was just me with the sound…and yes…the ads ….news break…all disconcerting…but I stayed the distance…and yes…just too much too watch these days…and I just watch or catchup TV…no recording here…

  8. I wanted to watch Parades End but when it started I decided I’m too tired on Wednesday night to committ. I work, I go riding, I pick kids up and I’m tired – in short too much going on for drama where I have to think. I turned to Mr and Mrs Murder and that is Wednesday night TV. Parades End for Sunday. I’ll watch it on catchup.

  9. Tony Bee – there are some stations I just won’t watch, namely 7, 9 & 10, due to the excessive number of commercial breaks.

    I would watch Parade’s End on a channel with few or no breaks. Like on the ABC, and SBS or Foxtel to a lesser degree.

    e.g. I used to watch Graham Norton, but haven’t seen a single one since 10 stole it.

  10. harrypotter1994

    For me the double ep killed Parade’s End. I had all intentions of watching the show until it was a double and our PVR is full enough (Plus we were watching TGW) so we gave it the flick

  11. I think a lot of people are off the mark here,I would have definitely have watched it but had already invested time in Sevens Mini Series/failed series and call me simple but have always liked a good brainless romp.
    Why these network types continue to programme a weeks worth of tripe and then all leave themselves a two hour portal to commit suicide is beyond my comprehension.
    Facts are that with the enormous amount of content on both FTA and Subscription even the most tech savvy time shifters just simple run out of storage or recordable devices.
    I chose to continue my brainless romp on Seven and simply could not be bothered getting off the couch even though I would have loved to watch Parade end,The Good Wife,Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission,QI,Mr & Mrs Murder,Sandy: The Anatomy Of A Superstorm and The Book of Eli.

  12. Cannot understand why Nine put this anywhere. Despite no competition Mr&MrsM numbers sank such that it will never recover. Ten need to re-think everything. I’m beginning to wonder if Kerry Stokes acquisition of 5% of Ten is not just to annoy Lachlan.

  13. Matthew See

    I was watching it and I was easily distracted during an ad break with a news update about Victoria suddenly getting a new Premier.

    Probably not a good omen for Parade’s End to have.

  14. I find it funny that people say a show tanks because it’s on a certain channel … like it’s a real effort to press the button and move from one channel to the next. A good show will attract its audience, just as Downton Abbey has presumably drawn viewers from the ABC. Running a double episode of Parade’s End was a mistake.

  15. It’s only 5 hours of telly. Hardly an investment in a series.
    No one at 9 would be surprised at the lack of viewers. Just proves that the 9 cupboard is bare apart from the usual slew of unfunny US sitcoms and singing and renovating crap.
    I find it strange that both 7 and 9 even bothered with The Last Resort and Parade’s End on their main channels – neither of which set the world on fire. Having said that, 7 gets a free pass as usual. They could probably even get away with Lara Bingle or Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth.

  16. Parade’s End was only 50k worse than Channel 9’s movie last week (for the first hour).

    Last Resort and Mr & Mrs Murder also shed quite a few viewers. Wednesday night ratings are looking like Thursday night.

    Channel 9 bought Parade’s End because they were short of content and it had Cumberbatch, their Sherlock star, in it. Was a mistake since it belongs on UK TV.

    The ABC may have bought Parade’s End if Nine didn’t and it was cheap enough. Though some BBC2 dramas they haven’t e.g. The Crimson Petal and The White which went straight to UK TV. The Mystery of Edwin Drood and another poor quality BBC show they burnt off over Summer. They prefer the popular Midsomer Murders for Sunday nights and contemporary dramas for Thursday night, not BBC serious dramas.

  17. I started watching Parade’s End and lasted until about 9.30pm. Nothing stand out about it at all for me (not that period dramas are my thing usually) but I love Downton Abbey because of the look and feel, great acting, and the words are beautifully constructed.

    Parade’s End had none of that – gratuitous sex on a train did not even hold my interest – although I am extremely surprised with the numbers being so low. I think Nine will perservere because it only goes for three weeks with the double episode viewings.

    Also, Mr and Mrs Murder numbers are disappointing and hopefully will improve.

  18. As to why the ABC didn’t buy it; well money for one.
    For two, I reckon they were awake up the audio problems noted by @Jennome (not good for their audience), and thirdly, they haveThe Paradise, which might not be as good, but rates its socks off (and out-rated Parades End in the UK).

  19. I watched all 2 1/2 hours of it, it was quite interesting and certainly different, jumped around in time quite a bit. But like so much television these days, the dialogue is often less than clear. We ended up turning on the subtitles after a while.

    Running a hugely long opening episode was a mistake, most people would have given up long before it finished.

    I suspect it will be back to Mr & Mrs Murder and The Good Wife next week. Why are all the decent programs on Wednesday night??

  20. I wonder what Nine will do with Parade’s End? Shunt it off to Go or Gem, or bury it in a late night slot?
    It’s the sort of series that belongs on the ABC – why Aunty didn’t buy the rights to it is beyond me.

  21. Double episodes of Parade’s End will have killed it. I recorded it seeing it didn’t finish until after 11pm.
    I also fell asleep watching Last Resort…. :O

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