Reality rules Wednesday ratings

2013-03-14_1037Wednesday night proved to be an easy win for Seven with My Kitchen Rules well ahead of The Block. Both reality shows were the only titles outside of News to crack the magic million.

Seven network share was 35.7% then Nine 26.2%, ABC 18.3%, TEN 15.3% and SBS 4.5%.

My Kitchen Rules ruled at #1 with 1.8m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.16m), Today Tonight (968,000), Home and Away (913,000), Last Resort (685,000 / 515,000) and Deal or No Deal (526,000).

The Block (1.27m) was best for Nine then Nine News (1.07m), ACA (902,000), Hot Property (626,000), Hot Seat (540,000) and Movie: Sherlock Holmes (352,000).

ABC News (917,000) topped ABC1 then Qi (767,000), 7:30 (664,000), The Agony of Life (598,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (596,000), Adam Hills: The Last Leg (443,000), Grand Designs (326,000) and Would I Lie to You? (322,000).

TEN News was again best for TEN on 635,000. Mr & Mrs Murder was 606,000, Modern Family was 415,000 / 315,000, The Project was 397,000, The Simpsons was 366,000 and The Good Wife was 355,000.

Wildest Arctic (239,000) was well ahead of other SBS titles Hostile Environment and World News Australia (both 156,000) and Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown (141,000).

7mate’s American Pickers topped multichannels with 291,000 viewers.

Sunrise: 361,000
Today:  337,000
ABC News Breakfast: 55,000 / 25,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 13 March 2013


  1. I just want to add a warning that only contemplate moving to a multi-channel if the figures are so dire it’s completely unacceptable for the main channel. Also only for early on like 8.30pm or 9.30pm. Because it could make more sense to keep it on a main channel at a later time. If 8.30pm is unacceptable then 9.30pm. If not 9.30pm then 10.30pm on a main channel. Knowing the figures will drop with every move. So can you live with the current figure?

    That said what Nine really need to do is employ one or more people to analyse the past figures. If something rated above 200,000 then what happened when left there? What happened when a channel moved it to 10.30pm? Also these days what happens when something is moved to a multi-channel? So you have the potential figures. All you have to contemplate again is what figure are you prepared to live with. Knowing that it isn’t exact. But it might lead to better decision making.

  2. I just want to reiterate that I loved Parade’s End. I’ll admit I knew the ratings would die in a ditch. Because if double episodes didn’t work for the main channel then it won’t work for a multi-channel even later on.

    If double episodes don’t work you do single episodes. You only use a later timeslot on the main channel because of ratings reasons. If you choose a multi-channel then you stick to an earlier time. Preferable the same day and time you chose the last week eg. Wednesday 8.30pm. You stick to that week after week. You tell people via TV Guides, ads and the like. I call it the win-win scenario. Because it advantages the viewers by having it at a sensible time. The ones that stick around. Most of them can see it. I’m sorry if my previous comments on this was unclear.

    I just hope they’ll play it next week before midnight if possible. Just to finish it off. Thank you very much so far.

  3. I think Ten should axe the simpsons and put Neighbours on at 6 and have the project starting at 6:30 and ends at 7. I also think ten should have a Sunday Night or 60 Minutes type program on there schedule (it may not work with Super Sunday), it would be a good start. I still like the project though but it is too long!

  4. At last we can talk about the dismal ratings of the Project. If Ten won’t axe it, surely they have to cut it back to 30 minutes. One hour is tedious.

  5. @db- Have to agree, Mad as Hell is the best show on TV. Shauns Channel 10 joke last night was priceless. I think it is repeated tonight on ABC2. I am going to watch it again. I really believe his ratings will continue to creep up due to word of mouth.

  6. jezza the first original one

    I think ch10 will continue to drift, regardless of whether they ditch the project or not. Apart from MC and TBL finale, they don’t seem to have anything that will build them an audience. They are still in a bad place with little sign of recovery

  7. I really wanted to like Parade’s End but have found it to be almost unwatchable. Benedict Cumberbatch spends the entire show moping around and the character of Sylvia is totally bitchy and thoroughly unlikeable. The only redeeming feature is Valentine but she’s not on screen enough to make me continue to watch.

    I watched the third episode but found myself falling asleep and may not even bother catching up online.

  8. @Pete
    The 3rd episode of Parade’s End on Nine would probably have only rated in the 300s. The 2nd episode last week only rated ~300k and the 3rd & 4th (an hour late on Gem) averaged only 81k (thanks for the number David).

    Channel 9 didn’t do to badly out of showing the first two episode then bumping it though.

  9. On The Project, it has lost some of its lustre of late. Hughsey humour seem to be very lame of late made even worse by what appears to be forced laughter.

    Also get the feeling the team is not gelling as before, last night Charlie had some lame punch-line and nobody really laughed…so he just laughed a little harder and longer, felt cringe worthy.

  10. The Project seems very vulnerable to the fortunes of neighbouring programs. When Masterchef rated well The Project was averaging over 900,000 if I remember correctly. Now that Ten has slumped generally, The Project is suffering. Not sure what you mean by it being left wing Steviem? They do a pretty broad range of stories and politics doesn’t even get a play unless it’s topical.

  11. The Project took a while to gain an audience and was a hit when it was used as counter programming to stripped sitcoms repeats and a boring ABC News dominated by politics.

    Things have changed and it just doesn’t seem to work any more. It is cheap local content and Ten seems to determined to stick with it even though the ratings haven’t been much above 400k.

  12. @ Pertinax

    Yep Sherlock movie big flop and they may as well have left Parade’s End there to run its course as it finishes next week, although it seems not many followed it to Gem. PE one of the big flops of the year so far. Also, Modern Family has hopeless numbers and provides poor lead in for Mr and Mrs Murder.

  13. @Hamster, agree that The Project should have stayed at 7pm. It works as a half hour, people get home and catch the headlines. One hour is too long.

    Ten bit the bullet at returned The Simpsons to 6pm. They should now do the same with Neighbours. Understand why they moved it in the first place, but the quality has greatly improved and it’s holding its own on Eleven.

    Disappointed for Mr &Mrs Murder. Found last nights ep a bit silly, but it’s early days and I’d like it to get a chance.

  14. I think ten would be better off with their 2010 lineup of Simpsons, neighbours, 7pm project. neighbours and simpsons are creeping up on The Project.

    a giant backflip would require a lot of pride to swallow though.

  15. Problem with The Project is has to much of an agenda. Biased journalism and such doesnt have broad appeal. I loved it when it started then it just became a left wing show and its look ok turn off time. Shows need to be in the middle were 80% of us are.

  16. Daniel…Not sure I agree with your assumptions on The Project. Ten have stuffed this program as they should have left it at 7.00pm.

    That said at 390,000 viewers it may still end up being one of Ten’s best shows for the week as not much else working !

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