1. I reckon they should combine all three shows – The Biggest Loser, The Block, and My Kitchen Rules. It could be called My Biggest Kitchen Block Loser Rules.

    Here’s the idea – they get a bunch of overweight people and lock them in an old house which needs renovating. But here’s the tricky bit – there’s no kitchen. So basically, if they don’t want to starve to death, they have to actually build a kitchen. So, you have all three elements in the one show – cooking, renovating and losing weight. How could you possibly go wrong with this idea?

    Man, I should be running one of these TV networks. I’d have it turning a profit in no time :-)

  2. The show doesn’t promote long-lasting weight loss IMHO, it’s unhealthy to lose so much weight in such a short period of time. But I guess they need to make it enlightening for their audience. Wish it would stop though as I do not consider this show entertaining at all.

  3. The Other Adam

    Am watching the season this year after not watching the last 3 or 4.. so far it’s ok.. pretty much what you’d expect from the format

    One thing to note is the obvious lying from the producers. Eg. “Hidden camera’s” – you can’t tell me they didn’t know there were cameras in their house.
    Also, last night for the challenge the aircraft crossed the line only seconds after the contestants won the challenge.. obviously staged

  4. If Ten seriously think that the project is helping their share then they are delusional! A show thats in the prime slot of 6.30-7.30 and is a lead show for the rest of the night it’s not a good look @ all when you look at the figures.

  5. Ten should have stuck with the 7pm slot that they made their own back in the Big Brother days. The first seasons of Biggest Loser, Masterchef & Big Brother use to start at 7pm and did very well.

  6. And whats up with the opening theme song?..
    i thought pink’s try was the obvious choice , at least it would have been more entertaining :))

  7. Put the project back to half an hour or better still get rid of it all together strip the biggest looser to 6nights a week at 7pm like it used to be stripped reality at 7pm used to work for ten

  8. I don’t know if moving Neighbours to 6pm on TEN is the answer. Sure.. they’ll get local drama points but I doubt it’ll rate anywhere near what it did when last on TEN two years ago.

    I’m sure I recall similar arguments for The Simpsons before it did move back to TEN and look how great that’s turned out.

    Anything up against MKR or The Block was going to struggle.. maybe after this week, with The Block done, TBL might have a chance to build an audience.

    What TEN should do is blanket promote their content on mediums other than their own TV channels.. like print, radio, billboards. They’ll never get more than 500k watching if they’re only advertising to the same 500k viewers.

  9. TBL is gaining momentum – reckon they’re doing alright with it again this season (save for the godawful cover of Time After Time which serves as the theme song.)

  10. Ten have to get 6-7.30pm sorted out. An hour of The Project is clearly not the answer.

    The Biggest Loser is a good enough show that is well made but is against huge competition in MKR and The Block and is given no help by its lead in show.

  11. To me the Biggest Loser concept should almost be classed as dangerous (regardless of the ar_e protecting medical warnings), especially for people of similar weight to the contestants, and possible any overweight person if they attempted the regime in the form that it is televised.

    I am sure they may even gain viewers, if they included the intensity and frequency of background medical support given to these contestants, thus confirming the need of proper medical support before and during any planned weight loss attempt.

    It is exactly the same when celebrities endorse weight clinics and related products.as they embark on their own weight loss programme, and frequently and proudly display their achievements, but what they or the sponsors “never” display, is the $$ amount of free support and products etc. the celeb’s receive to acheive those results, and consequently this would be the minimum outlay for everone else, considering the usual sales pitches.

  12. Neighbours old 10 figures would just about make it their number 1 program each day.

    What are they thinking there at 10 and are they doing all this on purpose for some reason we little people fail to understand?

  13. My favourite part of the show is when the trainers rant at the kids then guilt the adults with the kids tears. It’s pretty inspiring stuff, watching emotionally fragile youngsters being mind-raped.

  14. It has to be time to put Neighbours back on Ten. At 6pm it will be earning drama quota points, Australian content quota and surely outrating The Simpsons.

  15. @Carol.. I’d love to find out why you think a show like TBL promoting exercise and healthy eating is ‘toxic’ and not family viewing..? Or did I misunderstand your comment..?

  16. This is an ordinary job by Biggest Loser. It will fall to 400,000 and then we will see if Management have the resolve to “lock in a 12 month schedule with consistency”.

    That was the big sell for Ten at the upfronts and this will test it.

    I doubt they have the money to fix it and the knowledge to know how if they did have the money !

  17. @steviem, yes Rafters is rating well and on par with last years ratings. Go back a couple of years though, and it was consistently rating 1.8million each week. I hope it returns for another season, as long as it doesn’t get stale.

  18. @Steviem. I’d say 1.35m for PTTR is an excellent result & on par with last year’s figures. At the moment it’s the highest rated weekly drama on air, doing better than Downton Abbey or Revenge.
    Whether it returns next year is unknown, but if it continues to rate it is likely to see another season.

  19. So spamming the Grand Prix coverage with this drivel did TEN no favours.

    What a shock. Wait till it hits 400k and they have nothing to replace it with

  20. Can someone please fill me in on packed the rafters. Is 1.3 million good? How does that compare to last season? I heard rumours this could be its last year, then saw the commericals how they are bringing the family back togeather? So whats the go is it up, down or the same as last year?

  21. I predict TBL will only see a minor increase without competition, maybe 520k. Then into the low 400s after Easter. Viewers are much easier to lose than to win back.

    Ten got this year all wrong. The shouldn’t have started MC:pro 3 weeks before ratings, but had it run all the way till Easter. Then launch TBL at the start of Easter non ratings without competition to give it a fighting chance.

  22. We watch all out TV through Foxtel IQ. I have blocked channel ten for the duration of the show. My kids know they aren’t allowed to watch it and dint wven ask for it but the ads and ‘sneak peaks’ i have seen are toxic. We’ll come back to Ten for family viewing of masterchef later in the year.

  23. Ten will get lots of viewers for TBL over the Easter weeks, just as they did for the first week of Masterchef wjen MKR wasn’t on. Post Easter they’ll be back to the 500k mark.

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