“Shutup!” ‘Johnny Rotten’ turns on Carrie Bickmore

2013-04-10_0029In a pre-recorded cross to former Sex Pistols punk rocker John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) The Project panel got a little more than they bargained for.

But when Carrie Bickmore attempted to ask him about the late Margaret Thatcher, Lydon told her to shutup, not because of her question but because he said she was shouting into his earpiece. Even when she attempted to ask the question into a bizarre sexist rant towards Project host, Carrie Bickmore.

“Bad press is his thing, but his thing ain’t funny, it’s just damn rude,” Bickmore said after the interview.

It’s unscripted moments like this that are the reasons viewers warm to Bickmore and nominated her for a Gold Logie -and probably the same reason they won’t be buying tickets for Johnny Lydon.

Best bits from 4:00 minutes.


  1. What a effin hypocrite, rude? what about the countless offensive jokes and remarks she made about people on her stint on rovelive? I reckon she deserved it and got it coming, too bad the media is full of shit making it look like it was something it’s not. Eff the media!

  2. Seems pretty obvious to me this was a good old publicity stunt & Carrie was in on it the whole time, can’t believe no one else has seen thru it

  3. To me it looked like what ever he was on. either just kicked in or just wore off, but regardless the resulting gross ignorance displayed, was just rotten, and no doubt would have impressed many of the same Ilk.

  4. @Benji77: I think that was actually Magdalena Roze. They said it was her accent but Jeremy was also in the mist of a noisy premiere.

    They were totally not shouting. I did not notice any difference in their volume relative to any other interview they’ve done and nobody has ever had a problem with it like Rotten. Even if you do have a problem with the earpiece, that’s no excuse to go on a sexist rant and attack the rest of the panel. Johnny Rotten is a jerk, but he probably thought he was being punky given how smug he was.

  5. I am absolutely shocked at how many people think what John Lyndon did was ok. It was disgraceful. Whether he’s known for is abuse or not, it was disgraceful. You don’t speak to people that way.

  6. It wasn’t just Carrie he accused of shouting, it was all of them. Regardless of his rudeness, it would appear that the volume level of his earpiece was too high, something easily adjusted I would have thought.

    And she wasn’t shouting at all, just trying to speak clearly while he whinged at her.

  7. thatonethere

    So tihsamikah, in your opinion it’s ok to be a rude, sexist, obnoxious pig to someone you don’t know.

    John Lydon is a pathetic, bitter, old man.

  8. JR claims to be working class or representing working class. I would hazard that he no longer has any concept of working class and hasn’t done for about 40 years.

    That said The Project is annoying.

  9. Anyone else find it “interesting” that the moment the guy turned vile was when he was asked the question about Margaret Thatcher? What a great job Carrie and the team did in handling that situation. Class act all the way. (Though a part of me does wish someone like Wil Anderson was on the panel, as I doubt he’d have let the guy get away with that behaviour).

  10. Let me be the contrarian. Carrie *was* shouting, and she *did* interrupt.

    Also, Charlie was wrong, Lydon last toured here (with the Sex Pistols) in 1996 (that isn’t twenty years ago).

    @ ashton, dave, cronker, theotheradam

    You need to discover PIL. Go and listen. Lydon is a dead-set legend, and a serious talent.

    @David – I’ve seen Lydon twice, and if the tour was coming to my city (or if I could get time off work to go to Melbourne) I would be buying tickets to see the band. I’d speculate that Bickmore fans and PIL fans are mutually exclusive entities.

  11. jezza the first original one

    Johnny Rotten is a hero to many and has been for decades. Do not expect anything fluffy and nicey nicey from a committed attention seeker……cos he is an antichrist, he is an anarchist

  12. Secret Squirrel

    He was rude but isn’t that why they had him on and wanted to bait him with a Q about Thatcher?

    I’m glad it’s not just me who finds Carrie’s voice to be less than mellifluous, altho’ I also think that about most of the women radio jocks. Maybe they’re taught to speak like that in broadcast school?

    @The Other Adam – I’m pretty sure there won’t be many teens, rebelling or otherwise at PIL’s gigs.

    @Ashton – “Never heard of this guy before…”
    Think that says more about you than him.

  13. Adam : Who care’s? Darn – I wish rebelling teens cared about the Sex Pistols. They blasted open the doors for visceral expression of social frustrations. The Sex Pistols (and PiL) remain important, a reminder of the dangers of becoming complacent and dull. This interview was not one of Lydon’s prouder moments (as a fan, even I’m embarrassed by how he failed to move on). But to write him off completely on this one big stuff-up is indignant in itself.

  14. The Other Adam

    What a tool. Seriously who cares about the Sex Pistols anymore apart from rebelling teens?
    He himself admitted he didn’t understand what he was singing in God Save The Queen… but that’s their bread and butter they were trained to be arrogant and controversial

  15. That was a bizarre over-reaction to what he should’ve recognised was a techie issue, not a personal one. A rare mis-step from Lydon and I don’t begrudge the panel for reacting that way. I still think Lydon is a total champ though.

  16. bettestreep2008

    I think Johnny was drunk.

    He had obviously been celebrating ‘Big Birds’ death.

    And although I don’t care about Rotten, the worst segment of the entire show had to be Amanda Vanstone’s interview.

    Blasting a few hundred thousand Brits for celebrating her beloved apartheid loving Thatcher was much more offensive than Rotten’s antics.

  17. daveinprogress

    benji raises a good point about the 4 voices in the earpiece. But i come back to that he didn’t understand what the cross would entail, or if he did he just wanted to be a pratt. Tony Bee is right as well – Billy Bragg would have been a saner option.

  18. Regardless of the difficulties of using an earpiece on a live cross, this douche should remember that the purpose of this interview was to give national publicity for his tour.
    Sure, sometimes being controversial in an interview is good for drumming up sales, but being a misogynist pig really won’t cut it.
    He’s a washed up has-been and its a testament to Bickmore and the Project’s professionalism that they didn’t just say “don’t buy his tickets, folks!”

  19. Poor Carrie – Jeremy Renner couldn’t understand her, and now this twat over-reacts to her higher-pitched voice.

    It must be hard though for an interviewee to have 4 different voices come at you during a live cross.

  20. He’s Johnny Rotten. What do you expect? If they wanted an articulate “punk” assessment of Thatcher they should have been talking to someone like Billy Bragg.

  21. daveinprogress

    Well he is pretty rotten isn’t he? I don’t think he knew what the show was, how it would be conducted and he was true to form. No fine line between rock star persona and real person. Just a d**k! Dave handled it best and thankfully they bailed.

  22. Frankly I agree with John Lydon, she and her voice are incredibly annoying.

    Still, it does go to show that these guys weren’t geared up for a decent bit of trolling, which is odd, given John just about invented the passtime.

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