‘Curry’ joke misfires for Sandy Roberts

2013-05-20_0018Veteran Seven News sports presenter Sandy Roberts is making news himself after a misfired on-air gag that is being branded as racist.

Roberts was reading results of an IPL cricket match in India when he joked they were “all going home for a very good curry!” with a bad Indian accent.

While News Limited reports Twitter has drawn a backlash, other users are warning against over-reactions.

In February Roberts had to deny speculation he was leaving Seven for FOX Footy.

“I am continuing with Seven as per my contract” he said at the time, but there is talk he could still switch when his contract expires soon.


  1. @leffy59
    That’s a good one, now that’s funny!

    And no, this was not racist, its a cheeky joke and pretty funny.
    People should just stop crying about little things, Grow! some Balls!

  2. Goodness gracious me, this not be racist, this be bewy bewy funny!!! Get a life political correct Nazis. Oops, I guess that is racist too… Whatever!!!

  3. Please he isnt being racist. My god everyday people do Irish, British, Indian and american accents.

    Do we get offended when people from other countries do an Australian accent.

    What about on the big bang theory when the other characters impersonate Raj.

    Sandy always says something at the end of sport. He isnt a racist.

    Indian people rang up on fm radio and wernt offended. They were laughing how horrible the accent was.

    Lets stop being so PC

  4. Look at all you people racing to defend poor ol’ Sandy Roberts & these lame & awkward interactions commercial “news” presenters are forced to have with each other. How ’bout they cut the “banter” so they have more time to be productive & play another advertisement instead? It’s only Channel Seven & Sandy Roberts, so I’m happy to have the Thought Police jump all over them… They deserve it.

  5. Carringbush

    Beat me to it Jimbo – now that faux pa was gold. As harmless as the curry joke was, you had to think that the do gooders would be straight onto it. I’d wager that even those who complained haven’t done similar things in their narrow-minded lives.

  6. Secret Squirrel

    Not racist. Not funny. Speaking of storms and the small vessels in which they often occur, if he’d put on a plummy (or bad cockney) accent and said that the Pom’s were going home to a nice cup of tea (guv), this wouldn’t be news.

  7. I am very concerned by this Roth. It had me seeing red last night as the Indian community of Melbourne was belittled. Peter Mitchell seems to have got away from this one even though I feel he is just as guilty. Laughing his head off at Sandy showed his approval for this type of degrading behaviour. They should both be punished with 100 hours of community service and taken off air for a few weeks. Maybe even financially contribute to a charity. The people of Melbourne have seen the true colours of 7 news both on screen and off.

  8. The Other Adam

    I bet nobody would care if someone imitated an Australian accent and said “I bet he’s going to go home and throw another shrimp on the barbee”

  9. Umm? Racist? People are entirely too PC these days, get over it.
    Speaking if political correctness I’ve noticed today no longer has “girls on the grill” it’s just “the grill” interestingly though its still two females and a male host. . .

  10. I would like to reply but may be accused of racism so I will shut up, soon David you may have to be judge and jury who says what on this site

  11. jezza the first original one

    @ Anthony Mai, I disagree, not racist at all, most English speakers have an accent (including aussies) and national charcteristics. It was just lame and highlights why 7news in Melb is so crap, tired and dull presenters who need to retire

  12. Well it’s certainly not funny. Very silly and ignorant to think that it was a good idea to pull a bad accent and joke about Indians and curry. There may not have been any intention to be racist, but the ignorance and the nerve to execute this kind of joke, is indeed quite racist.

  13. These same people who whinged probably laugh everytime Howard impersonates Raj on The Big Bang Theory.
    Nothing racist in what Sandy said.
    A storm in a tea cup [apologies to Poms who love their tea]

  14. @Hayley7 – Oh how right you are.
    All of this is funny because the white man is the one that is stereotyped as being racist, which is hypocrisy at its best. It’s racist to assume that white men are racists. If you don’t get offended by racial insults, then you’re apparently racist too, but an actual racist would get offended by it

  15. jezza the first original one

    A lousy attempt t an Indian accent, so embarrassing, no wonder Indian folk are complaining. Not racist, but a hopeless, lame attempt at humour from someone who is way past his use by date

  16. And I really don’t think Sandy would have been ad libbing – surely just reading off auto cue. But do agree awkward and unnecessary but not racist

  17. “Racist”? Indians do eat a lot of curry. They do speak differently to us. OMG, the Thought Police are on the attack again. Did any Indians actually complain – to anyone that matters?

  18. Sandy Roberts making stupid racially-insensitive jokes at the cricket?

    Well now I’ve seen everything; I thought he just restricted himself to stupid sexist jokes at the tennis…

  19. if it was americans who lost, and he’d put on an american accent and talked about going “home for some apple pie”, would anyone react like this?

    it’s peoples reaction that shows racism… or just a complete lack of understanding of what racism actually is

    anyone who has ever experienced true racism would probably be offended that something like this would be considered anywhere near the same ballpark

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