Rumour: New deal looming for Days of our Lives

daysRumours are swirling that a new broadcast deal is close for legendary soap, Days of our Lives.

Nine ended its 45 year run broadcast last Friday but Sony has been determined to find a new home for DOOL fans.

A Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight, “The distributor of Days of our Lives has informed Foxtel the series has been sold to another commercial network. It will not be screening on Foxtel.”

But sources at both Seven and TEN have denied any deal with Sony -at least at this juncture.

Sony also told TV Tonight, “I can’t comment on discussions but rest assured we are committed to finding a new home.”

It’s almost sounding like a soapie plot in itself…


  1. Secret Squirrel, could you please find out why there is now a message coming up saying ” Days of Our Lives on line has been terminated because we received multiple third party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted”.

    Why would they do this on episodes over a year old?
    I knew it was too good to be true.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    @Goatracer – did you not read the bit where Nine dropped DooL? Or are you implying that this is some sort of cunning plan to confound everybody?

  3. andy pandy

    Anyone who is interested in the “Will coming out” storyline, watch the episode dated 23rd Feb 2012 on Utube, its a cracker!
    And favourites return such as Lucas and Billie.

  4. Wouldlove it if seven bought the rights most of my tv viewing is on seven the only programme i watched on nine was Days of our lives

  5. Perfect fit for Ten – their daytime lineup is lacking since the axing of The Circle and Breakfast. Air it at 2pm and move Ready Steady Cook to 11am.

  6. I believe DOOL will be picked up by Nine,they don’t seem to know what they’ve got when they have it so it would only stand to reason they would more than likely pick up something they didn’t know they didn’t have.Did any one understand that,betcha Nine did.
    Having said that loving the “Arrow”then “The Following” double first time I have watched Nine for any more than 20 minutes since Thommo played cricket and am enjoying it so much I fear for it’s survival.

  7. I hope Seven isn’t foolish enough to be buying this, unless they feel its in their best interests to have an output deal with Sony and again that would be a mistake because it’s not as though they have a reliable slate of programming.

    Seven should respect the older viewers that are used to seeing the midday movie, a timeslot that hasn’t been amended.

    Also, Seven have continually expressed interest in an output deal with Warner Bros. Studios. Securing this would be a big deal.

  8. But the newer episodes aren’t as good. They’ve bought characters like Nick Fallon and Chloe, that used to be sympathetic characters and spoiled them, by making them the bad guys.

  9. I hope they do update it & whoever shows it will not preempt it with cricket or tennis etc so it falls further behind. Bold & Beautiful is only about 2-3 months behind the US & it would be nice if Days could either be the same or even fast tracked like ellen.
    I am glad it will be staying on FTA TV.

  10. Hopefully it picks up from where nine left off (I’ve seen the next weeks eps on You tube and they are good. Plus if they skip any eps we will miss the whole Will coming out which is really good from all accounts.

  11. Hopefully we hear some news soon, they must be close to making an announcement. I would assume Seven has more money to spend than Ten, but who knows? I could see Seven putting it on 7TWO alongside their morning soap line up, but I could also see it on Ten. Very interesting. Wish one of them would grab General Hospital while they’re at it!

  12. I think the question is when its determined which FTA channel gets days where will they begin it. Will they pick it up from where channel nine finished up or will they bring us more up to date.

  13. @R0bberD0g
    It should replace shows like Bondi Rescue, Bondi Vet, The Biggest Loser, MasterChef (this is for daytime content)

  14. Secret Squirrel

    @andy pandy – glad to be of service. The internet is a magical place full of wonderous treasure.

    I agree that DooL is unlikely to go to a mulitchannel unless a cheaper deal has been negotiated (Sony may have preferred that to not selling it at all).

  15. It would be good for Channel Ten to put it on before The Bold and Beautiful, as a lead up to it, but I agree Channel Ten could edit this to a five minute episode, is the rating for the show suppost to be M and they have just edited it to make it PG??

  16. Great news for us DOOL fans! I think 7two (they’ve shown UK and NZ soaps) or Ten. I don’t care what channel it is I just want DOOL back on air soon.

  17. Curious too is that (here in Sydney at least) Seven has taken off Dr Oz, which was airing at 2pm, for re-runs of Winners and Losers, meaning it now competes head to head with DOOL’s replacement on Nine, re-runs of House Husbands.

  18. Gosh, this is taking so long. Seven would be a bad choice, as they break for tennis over summer. And 72 even took their re-run soaps off last summer. The best possible choice is ten and there’s so much room in their schedule.

  19. I notice 7 has been screening quite a few Sony titles lately.
    Why would someone pay big $$$ to put it on a “multichannel” when 9 couldn’t afford it for their main channel?

  20. andy pandy

    It’s a bit too late now, thanks to secret squirrel, I have been watching the episodes on line, they only go for 37 minutes without the ads. I am already up to March 2012!, wheras its only Xmas 2011 on tv here.
    Anyone interested, the Willbeing gay storyline is terrific, the guy playing Will did an awesome acting job, I heard he won an Emmy for it and no wonder!

  21. I don’t mind who gets the show although ten needs these viewers more.If seven gets it they could show it between 12 & 1pm.If ten gets it they could show it before Dr Phil.Here’s hoping!

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