Airdate: Under the Dome

2013-05-22_1050TEN will fasttrack new US sci-fi / horror miniseries Under the Dome to a same-day broadcast in Australia, which is good news.

The miniseries based on a Stephen King novel will air 8:30pm Tuesday June 25th.

Say goodbye to the outside world. From the undisputed master of suspense, Stephen King and Steven Spielberg comes Under the Dome, a psychological drama about a town trapped under an impenetrable dome. Starring: Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Mike Vogel, Dean Norris, Colin Ford.



  1. Personally, I see Tuesday night as the time for it.
    It’s fast tracked so it can’t be Monday (imagine the uproar if it were to be shown nearly a week late!)
    Wednesday Ten have Offspring. 9.30 is free but I figure that’s too late.
    Thursday always has been Law Order: SVU, so why change something that works for something that might not.
    There’s minimal numbers Friday and Saturday, so no point there.
    Which leaves Sunday. They’ve got a reasonably solid line up (MasterChef, Elementary, Graham Norton, Hawaii Five-0).
    Ten’s primetime schedule might look pretty ordinary, but I don’t see the 8.30-10.30 slots as the problem. Their problem is earlier (Simpsons is a poor lead in to The Project).

  2. @eastwest101

    This is on Tuesdays @ 8.30.
    Futurama is on Wednesdays, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is on Thursdays.
    How are either of these up against Under the Dome?

  3. @Ryan
    The last NCIS repeats Ten had on rated 400k. The big sweeps eps have been getting 800-900k but most of this series has rated 650k and been beaten by repeats of New Tricks.

    Tuesday is when Ten has a hole to fill and they will be hoping to attract younger viewers to Under The Dome up against Rafters, New Tricks rpts and Celebrity Apprentice.

    Anything on Ten on Monday will be smashed by The Voice and House Rules/Revenge. So they are trying The Truth Is against Four Corners (not very successfully).

    Thursday SVU has a loyal audience and is rating 650k/520k Ten has tried other stuff in that slot but SVU has done best and younger viewers watch less TV later in the week.

  4. I find it quite funny Ten wastes a new show on a slot that would prob still pull good numbers with ncis repeats. Why not try prop up mon or thur 8.30, the current shows in those slots could easily be pushed back an hr.

  5. *Spoiler Alert.
    After watching the previews, it’s quite obvious that the reason a dome is placed over the town is because those people are way too pretty to be allowed to mix with the rest of us.

  6. eastwest101

    Looks good – but putting it up against about the only other FTA Sci-Fi of Futurama and triple Deep Space Nine on their own digital multichannel.

    Fail Ten. Fail.

  7. The promos look good, loads more on YouTube. I just hope it doesn’t end up a dud and TEN sticks with it even if they more it to Ch11 or ONE at the same time to keep it fast tracked as I can see TEN pulling this after a few weeks and putting NCIS back on.

  8. It’s nice to see something with a sci fi feel on FTA, even if it is just a mini-series. I look forward to see what this has to offer.

  9. @andrewb
    The problem is that Ten has lots of shows that don’t rate.

    Any network will dump or bump shows that don’t rate, 7&9 much quicker than Ten will because they have a higher share to maintain and more content to try. e.g. The Following, Parades End, Dallas, Strike Back, Killing Time etc.

  10. Looks intriguing. I also hope Channel 10 stick with it. Thirteen episodes in total. Look forward to seeing Dean Norris from “Breaking Bad” (Hank) in a different role.

  11. Given that it is only six episodes (according to Wikipedia), I hope Ten do stick with it if it doesn’t rate too well.

    Or at least move it to Eleven or One at the same time.

  12. Secret Squirrel

    Finally, something to watch Tuesday evenings. I reckon Ten will take half a mill but hopefully it’ll rate a little higher than that, at least to start with, say 700k.

  13. Yeah – but if it doesn’t rate the first week it will be moved or ditched… this is the problem TEN now have with new shows – who is going to give them a go knowing that if they don’t get the figures they should the show will be moved or taken off???

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