Harrison Craig wins The Voice 2013

hcra18 year old Melbourne crooner Harrison Craig has won The Voice 2013 for Team Seal.

He won the title over runner-up 30 year old Luke Kennedy and wins a recording contract with Universal Music.

19 year old Celia Pavey  was third and 30 year old Danny Ross was fourth in the Nine series.

Craig was always the favourite to win the series after his story of overcoming a stutter struck a chord with viewers, backed up with plenty of crowd-pleasing ballads.

“The past few months have been an experience like no other. This show, through Seal and the other artists, has given me so much and provided an amazing launch pad into my career,” he said.

“Seal always said, ‘coaches don’t win, the artists do’, but in this case I feel we both have. I feel I am better because of Seal, and because of my experience on this show.”

Nine’s grand final included duets between the four finalists and their coaches (although Danny Ross and Joel Madden was an aimless waffle), guests Robin Thicke and OneRepublic plus dynamic performances from Delta Goodrem and Ricky Martin.

But Twitter lit up with questions about lip-syncing for La Vida Ricky. Nine has assured he sang live (and in truth even his spoken words did not sync live).

The finale was a long affair, with host Darren McMullen constantly telling us “not long to go before we announce the winner” but one that is sure to top the ratings.

Nine also strategically unveiled new promos for its upcoming slate including Big Brother, Australia’s Got Talent, The Great Australian Bake-off , Hamish and Andy’s Asia Gap Year and Underbelly: Squizzy.

Nine is already calling for applicants for its 2014 series but it isn’t clear which coaches will feature in the third season.

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  1. David: I agree. What I was trying to say was that it seemed to be the pre-recorded “live” performances that were having the sound and vision issues.

    And also just wanted to know if you knew if the show itself was “live”…. Or “live to air”.

  2. @Tony Bee thats ok because more people over 60 actually buy cd’s than the younger generation, & even the ones who are tech savvy enough to download mp3’s would usually pay for them
    because their generation believe piracy is stealing (not that i think its not *cough*) Why do you think people like Andre Rieu & Susan Boyle have become best sellers?

    @bettestreep2008 don’t you know the ratings system is skewed againt channel ten? it has been for years now

  3. I’m disappointed that really good singers were punted like Kiyomi Vella, Simon Meli and Caterina Torres and the singers in the Grand Final were very “safe” contestants.

  4. To do with the lip-syncing…. It seemed to be the “Live-To-Air” stuff that they were having a problem with. Ricky, Delta, OneRepublic & Robin Thicke were all pre-recorded. Looked like Ricky was actually singing it was just out of Sync! Have had that song in my head all day!!!!!!!!!!

    David is the whole show actually “Live” or is it “Delayed”?

  5. bettestreep2008

    I was one of the few that actually watched MC – and enjoyed every single minute of it.

    Am surprised with the huge drop for TV from last year – but I guess House Rules put a huge dent in it.

    Still cannot believe there are over 3m Australians watching two renovation shows every night.

    And a highly enjoyable – and top notch quality production – like MC is being slaughtered.

  6. I commented on the lip sync problem a few weeks ago, at least on WIN NSW. So bad I gave up watching. It was more prominent with Darren McMullen. Either a video delay issue with his camera, or what, I don’t know – but it was terrible.

  7. Harrison’s a nice guy, but not marketable to anyone under age 60. Same for Luke. A record company will snap up Celia and I predict she’ll be the only one of the four who has any kind of career. Last year’s winner (Karidis) was head-and-shoulders above any of these.

  8. Seal and Joel need to go! I really don’t like Delta either but I hate to admit it but I think the show needs her! And get rid of Darren too!

  9. @Rutzie I don’t mind. You either need a big audience or a car driving of the new superstar if you want to see an expensive show like The Voice

  10. Last year…winner announced..3,098,000..grand final 2,654,000… bet this year will be down..500k?Kennedy has a better voice,but can’t begrudge the kid..seems like a fine lad..can’t see much of a career tho.From itunes charts, result was a foregone conclusion..wonder if they’ll tweak that next year.

  11. Was a great show! Really enjoyed it. Even more than last year.
    I liked each of the final 4. All the Performances were great.
    Despite Delta always getting bagged out by people, Joel’s drug controversy and Seals twitter rant i hope they all return :) they are great coaches and have great chemistry together. Get somebody new and you might ruin that.

  12. I predicted he would win when i saw the first promo for the show, its now become obvious they pick someone right from the start who will win & make it happen. Harrison was the first one to appear in the first promos for the show back in February (or whenever, cant remember exactly). Funny co-incidence how last years winner Karise was also the first one (from my memory, correct me if wrong) that appeared in the first promos for the show.
    I started watching this show & it was pathetic, all the exaggerated praise for very mediocre singers was sickening. It started to remind me of the later seasons of Australian Idol, what a shame that was to see a show that once promoted real talent, into a karaoke like joke. uggh!

  13. Interestingly the claims of lip-syncing aimed at Ricky Martin strangely out-of-time performance echoed that of Mariah Carey at this year’s recent American Idol Finale. Looks like they were both plagued by recording/playback issues. Is interesting in the world of technology available today that issues like these can still occur… Or is it perhaps because of the technology that is causing this.
    Either way the respective networks/production companies really need to get on top of it as it makes for a totally cringeworthy performance. Even the ‘olds’ in the group I was watching it with were questioning how/why it was happening…

  14. I’m shocked the person who has a sappy YouTube introduction video over 9 minutes long won against the rest of the contestants who has only a 2 or 3 minute video with just them singing and no sob story introduction at all. Who would of thought it?

  15. Ricky Martin was live. Even the intro from Darren had his lips out of time with his voice. Did detract from Ricky who did a great job on the show.

    All round it was a top season and will be missed.

  16. It was clear Harrison was going to win. Hopefully Seal or Joel won’t be back next year, and I might consider starting to watch it again.

    It’s all too samesy the way it is now.

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