The Daily Edition spinning before it even gets started

2013-06-06_1210Seven has announced Kris Smith will join Sally Obermeder as a co-host on new afternoon show, The Daily Edition.

Tom Williams and Monique Wright have also joined the news and entertainment format, being produced by Sarah Stinson.

But the spin from the show is already unstoppable.

According to the press release, “Kris is one of Australian’s best known faces.”This follows a claim that Sally Obermeder “is one of Australia’s most loved television presenters.” This week Smith did not rate a mention in more than 1000 celebrities ranked by the Encore Score, which is a pretty poor showing for one of the country’s best known faces….

Obermeder came in at #519. Danni Minogue, Smith’s former partner, came in at #148.

The Press Release also touts that the show will  “take a leadership position in providing live content to an audience waiting to be entertained.”

If this is indicative of the kind of News we’ll be getting then count me out…


  1. When a friend of mine did the Encore rankings all 1000 of the “personalities” were on the form and she marked if she’d heard of them or not. So if Kris didn’t make the 1000 – and I’m presuming the most recent survey has the same format – then he must not have been included at all. Surely he is better known than Sally (no offense to her).

  2. I do believe the point is not who knows them but the truth behind the spin, ‘best known….’ Means that they are hoping you’ll feel out of touch an immediately google and therefore (possibly) gain interest. Doesn’t seem like they have a huge amount of faith if they have to talk it up that much.

  3. To all those who question ‘who are they?’ Or ‘they don’t seem famous enough to host a television show’: this simply shows that you are:
    (A) probably not the target market of the show being launched, and,
    (B) too ignorant anyway. Learn to Google something for f**** sake.

    Seriously, just because you haven’t heard of someone does not equate to their level of fame – or better still; their potential as a host of a tv program. The next time ‘never heard of them’ pops into your head, let that be a prompt to remind yourself that this is a sign of your own ignorance.

  4. Mattrobts-If what you are saying is true-I reckon the 4:30 news should be shelved. Two hours of news then half an hour break then another hour of news in just too much. Maybe something like this is better in the afternoon then just a straight news bulletin. There are straight news bulletins all hours of the day on all channels but shows like this are different.
    However, I can just see this following in the footsteps of This Afternoon.

  5. When the Morning Show launched, I said on this site that in 10 years, Seven would have Sunrise-ish shows all day long. I said it in jest, of course, but after this announcement, it may eventuate after all. 😛

  6. Kris is a nice guy and primo eye candy for the ladies but he has one of those impenetrable Northern English accents, not unlike Mel B’s.

    @poss, Kris is originally a Rugby League player from England, he got into modelling when he moved here to be with his ex-partner Dannii Minogue.

  7. i always liked kris smith on can of worms, i think he is famous enough for a daytime show.

    and @ various commenters. he was never married to danii minogue.

  8. Can I just ask Pipper05 what ‘Sally Obermeder is a cancer survivor’ has to do with anything? I do not get the connection to a news/entertainment show at all.

    This is just Seven trying to come in & play catch up to None who has a similar show. Once again Seven rip off a format from someone else & claim it is unique.

  9. Interesting that this announcement has stirred interest/ire from holidaying Knoxy, but mute on Masterchef plumbing new lows…even beaten by Deal or No Deal I read on The Age! Quite a story I’d have thought. But then again, MC’s worst launch ever was reported on this blog as “MasterChef clears the magic million for TEN”. Hmmm….

    • PDRay: Sorry I wasn’t aware I was unable to have opinions on shows while I am on Hiatus. I have not filed any ratings wraps since starting Hiatus on Tuesday, and I certainly haven’t filed any today since last night’s MasterClass episode. Morning yarns during Hiatus are published before OzTAM data is released. MasterChef’s launch was reported on Monday as a decent start, just as it was in other media. For the record last night’s MasterClass numbers were terrible. The Daily Edition’s press release spinning is also terrible. Hmmmm indeed.

      Sally has always seemed perfectly lovely to me and did well on The Morning Show. But I don’t think that makes her one of the country’s most loved presenters.

  10. I had a case of the “who the hell is this guy”? while watching the Project last year, i thought he was a footballer or something!!!……..turns out he’s a model,
    think Myer. He was also married to Danni minogue.
    As for Sally…….you are on your own!!!!

  11. Come on people, he also hosted the soccer show on Foxtel (Soccer Superstar?), is one of the faces of Myer and just too damn sexy to not know…

  12. I can’t wait for the show to start Sally Obermeder is a cancer survivor and as for Kris Smith,Monique Wright and Tom Williams I think there very smart and funny people.

  13. I take it that The Daily Edition will be more Morning Show than Sunrise in format. Kris Smith hosting a news/infotainment show on a regular basis? Seems an odd choice.

  14. I only know Kris Smith from an appearance on “Can of Worms” and that he has a weird UK accent I can’t pin down. Though if you hadn’t put up a picture of him I’d be totally lost.

    I don’t think I know Sally Ober-thingy at all.

  15. James-original

    Encore score was ranking 738 personalities, not over 1,000. If Chris didn’t show up in the rankings he wasn’t included in the survey.

  16. Although I see this Kris Smith guy in commercials for that show with Chrissie Swan (completely forgot the name) I still have no idea who he really is and what he does. Is he a male sociallite like Brinne?

  17. I think linking the spin of a press release to what a unseen show is like is extremely unfair. We all know press releases (especially the daily ratings ones) can spin the ‘truth’ to make the organization/show look good – it’s what good PR practitioners do. It’s likely that this press release was written and finished before the Encore Score results came out yesterday morning.

  18. carolemorrissey

    The only thing Kris Smith is famous for here is being married to Dannii Minogue. He’s made the odd appearance on The Project. As I said in the other thread, we already have Nine News Now, don’t really need another one.

  19. Yeah, I saw the pic of Kris in the ‘recent posts’ menu at the side of the page – had absolutely no clue who it was. Asked a colleague – same.

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