So You Think You Can Dance returning to TEN

2013-07-31_1031It’s official. So You Think You Can Dance is returning to TEN.

The show will be produced by Shine Australia after Shine Group recently penned a global deal Co-Creator and US Executive Producer / Judge, Nigel Lythgoe.

This confirms the rumour run by TV Tonight in May.

The show, which ran for three years on TEN, will have a new host and new judges, all to be announced.

Network TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are delighted to bring So You Think You Can Dance back to TEN.

“The show is Event TV at its best and is great entertainment for the entire family. Our aim is to showcase the great variety of dance in Australia and our country’s best dancers – and to give those dancers the chance to fulfill their dreams.”

Mark Fennessy, CEO, Shine Australia said: “So You Think You Can Dance is one of the world’s most-loved entertainment formats and proven marquee brands. Australia is blessed with extraordinary dancers and a vibrant dance community. At Shine, we’re excited to once again showcase our most exceptional talent.”

TEN has been lacking a big event brand since MasterChef began a ratings drop, whilst Seven and Nine have found success with cooking, singing and social experiment reality television. An attempt to revive a dance show last year with Everybody Dance Now faltered, but So You Think You Can Dance was a good performer when it had consistent programming.

The show will return in 2014.

Auditions will commence in September with casting to commence immediately via and


  1. The Other Adam

    Channel 10 confirms it won’t be bringing back Australian Idol

  2. Ten needs to have a long hard look at what their brand actually stands for. Right now, it stands for nothing original. I think the TV landscape can only really support two commercial networks, guess which is the odd one out. The vibe over there must be toxic.

  3. ghghgh20_211

    great news. imagine if they did a SYTYCD and Aussie Idol paring.

    that would be amazing.

    6.30 – 7.30 – SYTYCD
    7.30 – 8.30 Aussie Idol

    The schedule writes itself.

  4. Spend the big bucks on this one and get Mary over if her schedule is free at the time. She is hilarious and knows whats she’s talkin bout

  5. hmm interesting from TEN here, I was a casual viewer of this show when it started, I was drawn to the American version more, their routines and dancers were out of this world amazing.

    I wonder if my friend Tyce Diorio would be available to come down choreograph some for the contestants, would have to ask him though.

  6. Awesome news! Bring it on and fingers crossed they can bring some of the SYTYCDUS talent like Twitch and Cyrus for the hip hoppers and animators!

  7. The US version went from two nights to one from season 9 onwards so presume we will now get this format here too. Hope they choose the right night! Oh and PJ’s Ronin – there will be plenty of amazing dancers lined up for this show. Casting will not be a problem.

  8. Love the US version but, as I only saw the final Aussie season as I was living overseas for the first 2 seasons I think our version paled in comparison.
    Can’t even think of a Ten personality up for hosting duties.
    Jason Gilkison is needed as a choreographer not as a judge. Choreographers are the key to the whole show.
    Good luck Ten. Timing is the key.

  9. TEN’s big plan: Let’s just do what we did before and hope viewers come back.

    Won’t happen though.

    Regardless of how fabulous the dancing is :)

  10. bettestreep2008

    nikc – totally agree with you.

    Ten totally stuffed up the final season of SYTYCD when it moved it to Wednesday nights.

    If I recall the finale didn’t start until well after 8.30pm on a weeknight and the winner wasn’t announced until almost 11pm.

    The key demographic for this show was kids and teens and I am sure many of them couldn’t watch it on a school night.

    Fingers crossed they don’t get Sara Murdoch to host it. Andrew G would be good but it’d be great if they could get Cat Deeley. She’s terrific.

    BTW – I too believe it won’t rate well. Something about Ten and it’s handling of reality shows over the past few years.

    Don’t get me wrong – when Ten gets it right it gets it beautifully right eg. First few seasons of Australian Idol, First few seasons of Big Brother, First few seasons of Biggest Loser, First few seasons of Masterchef etc etc etc.

  11. I was just thinking this yesterday. X factor and BB are both ex-ten shows, revived by another network and now performing well against them. It was probably only a matter of time before 7 or 9 revived SYTYCD and made it a hit, which would be humiliating for ten.

    I don’t have much faith that ten can pull this off, the show will probably be good but the promotion and scheduling will kill it.

  12. New judges and host is great news. I wonder if they are going to mimic the new stage that the US has had for a couple of seasons or retain the better and less flashy stage set.

    I hope they do something like what the US version has done recently too which is for half of the season to bring back old contestants to partner with.

    I have a feeling this won’t rate that well since it’s on TEN, maybe something like ABDC would offer something different.

  13. As much as I love dance, I’m just not sure this will succeed (ps, I hope it does). With Australia’s small population and small live entertainment industry, there is just not the ‘gene pool’ of talent.

    • Whether it succeeds or not is a fair question but there is absolutely no shortage of dancers here. When was the last time you attended a cattle call for dancers? Even Everybody Dance Now had amazing talent, just not the show…

  14. In my opinion, the only reason it left the air was 10 stuffed it by moving to Wed and then there was Don’t Stop Believing (didn’t even start) and Everybody Dance Now…. to replace it.Some times a risk isn’t worth taking!

  15. Loved the local version so will definitely give the remake a go. I agree with oztvheritage that Osher would be a good host, especially given he is contracted with TEN again, but perhaps we need some differentiation if it is to get the best possible reception (perhaps another Aussie actress/actor/singer like was the case with Natalie Bassingthwaighte in the first series who previously only acted in Neighbours but was an instant success).

  16. oztvheritage

    I would have preferred a return of Idol…but understand them not going with Idol in this saturated market.

    Andy G (or whatever his new name is) would be a good host for this show. It needs somebody with “Event TV” experience.

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