TEN gets talking with new panel show, This Week Live.

This Week LiveTEN has announced a new live panel chat show, This Week Live featuring Dave Thornton, Tommy Little, Tom Gleeson and Meshel Laurie.

Including special guests, live crosses and sketches, the show will look at the week’s news in front of a live audience in TEN’s Melbourne studios.

Created and produced by Craig Campbell (The Project, Rove Live) and Kevin Whyte (Token/Guesswork Television), it set to launch before the end of the month.

TEN’s Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are delighted to once again work with Craig Campbell and Kevin Whyte. They are the best in the business when it comes to producing a comedy format.

This Week Live promises to be a unique and hugely entertaining show which will guarantee more than a few laughs, and probably raise some eyebrows.”

Whyte told TV Tonight, “It came together through a number of discussions with TEN about a show with funny people that gets them to filter the week and talk not just about the news but things that are exciting them. Much in the same way that a stand-up comedian would select their material for going on stage.

“It’s a pretty straightforward show without too many whistles and bells that takes apart the week. Having said that there’s no way that 4 comedians are going to be left to just sit down with Craig Campbell running the show. There will be pre-recorded elements, ‘live eyes’ and we’ll be getting out and about.”

The show will air Wednesdays at 9:30pm, the same timeslot where TEN had great success The Panel produced by Working Dog. But Whyte says any similarities are genre-based.

“The idea that it’s funny people sitting around in the studio talking is probably where The Panel comparisons begin and end,” he says.

“There will also be sketch elements not wildly dissimilar to the way Before the Game has characters.”

Comedian Tommy Little, who has also been cast in A League of Their Own for TEN said: “I’ve never had a job so I’m just excited about having a desk and a car space, getting to create a show with the three funniest people in the country is a bonus, I guess.”

Tom Gleeson added: “I’m 39 and bald. I don’t belong on television but someone’s paying me to do it, so I’ll turn up. I’m excited about this show because it’s live. I can say whatever I want, and then a million people hear it. TEN isn’t excited about this.”

This Week Live will also take a lighter approach than Roving Enterprises’ The Project.

“With The Project you come away learning stuff about the world. You will learn nothing from this show. That’s a promise!” Whyte laughs.

“We might completely ignore the biggest news story of the week if there’s no ‘funny’ in it.”

Broadcasting live from the same studio as The Project in Melbourne means a fast-turnaround for crews.

“When a show is sizzling in that little room with its compact, sardine audience it can really fly,” says Whyte.

“Sometimes with big studios there’s so much space around it that you feel quite distant from the action. But there you feel like you are on the set.”

Musical acts will also be considered once the show has settled in.

“Nothing is off the table. If there’s a great opportunity to do something that seems fun and we think the audience will enjoy it, we’ll do it.

“The show is simple and flexible and able to go where the funny is.”

Premieres 9:30pm Wednesday July 24 on TEN.


  1. John Jackson

    Awesome! With no The Panel, Rove or Hey Hey it’s Saturday on tv currently we were needing something like this again. I thought Micallef might go there with 10 for a tonight show but seems this is happening instead.

    I hope it does well and can give a great place for artists to play their music as well as a place for local and overseas celebs to chat as those other shows did.

  2. Good timing for Dave Thornton since Southern Cross Austereo axed his Mamamia Today radio show last month.

    Adrianguest, I was a Melbournian, I’d be offended that people are attempting to link my city with rubbish TV like Adam Hills & Spicks & Specks.

  3. The Panel didn’t overstay its welcome. It could’ve easily continued, if the hosts had quit and Working Dog kept producing it and had found a newer group of hosts with good chemistry with each other, who could’ve taken over and then have them replaced over a few years, with a new panel, meeting the same criteria.

    If it faltered in ratings, it could’ve been moved to One or Eleven, as this new show can be, since TP was a very cheap show to make.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    Thanks Maev, I have been using Ten’s catchup to watch The Americans, and anyway the previous separate parts didn’t bother me as they automatically ran in sequence with just a tiny delay where the ads were supposed to be. I meant that I didn’t think that this was going to be “must watch” TV and therefore I was not going to make much effort to watch it.

  5. oztvheritage

    Good on ten for giving us something different. Refreshing that it is not “reality” again. The Panel had copies attempted on other networks in its day, but they failed as there was no chemistry amongst the cast This show will be no different. But it appears to feature a good cast. Tom is very funny. Looking forward to it. We need something like this.

    As for the Melb vs Sydney topic. Sydney has plenty of on air hours with breakfast and morning shows.

    Also ten melbourne must now one of a very few internal tv studios capable of having a studio audience??? Feedback anyone??Even though it is small.

  6. adrianguest

    A few of the previous posts talk about Melbourne vs Sydney shows.
    Let’s talk about Wed. pm on ABC.
    Melbourne-based: Spicks and Specks, Adam Hills
    Sydney-based: Randling, Tractor Monkeys
    I rest my case, your Honour.
    But I will prattle further….
    Melbourne has always been the home of cutting edge live TV, since Kennedy in 1957. In recent years, Ten has given live TV more of a go than the other commercial channels. Rove, The Project, Before the Game, The Panel (much missed) and hopefully, this new live show will be a winner.
    Go TEN!

  7. I remember seeing Tommy Little at the Adelaide Fringe a couple of years ago and really enjoyed him. When I saw he was on the new sports based show I was disappointed as I’d never watch it, but good to hear he is on this non sports show.

  8. Secret Squirrel

    I would’ve given this a look but Wed 9:30 is Scandi-drama time. Hopefully it’ll be replayed as I don’t think I can be bothered to record it or watch it on catch-up.

  9. @ dan

    Win some lose some, as I agree with you re Shaun, they may be keeping him in reserve, but at least Paul Henry, Andrew Bolt and Joe Hilderbrand are also missing, and hopefully not even on the reserve or guest list, so that is a positive start at least, but no doubt the coming morning show crews will show up sooner or later.

  10. Just as long Network Ten, the panel, guests and all others concerned in its production, remember at all times, that its is quality entertainment that will keep a broad spectrum of viewers returning week after week and not “Personal/Corperate Agenda’s and Opinions”.

    But definitely do not shy away from contentious, controversial and even political issues, but please maintain the concept of being “Fair Honest and Consistent” at all times, and “Always” research all aspects of selected topics, whilst maintaining the concept that there is “Always At Least Two Sides to Every Story”thus allowing viewers to form educated opinions, that is if they are able/want to do so, and the new venture should be a refreshing success for everybody.

  11. @Chris, you’re not very good at maths if you believe 90% of TV is produced in Sydney.
    Besides it doesn’t matter where it’s made. What matters is if it’s any good.

  12. @deedeedragons – Yeah it really sucks having something that isn’t made in Sydney like 90% of Australian TV shows.

    I’ll check it out, but I imagine it’d be a lot better if they got rid of the two horrible younger ‘comedians’ and replaced them with actually funny guys who won’t have a weird awkward split between half the team.

  13. Very curious to see how this pans out. I’ve always enjoyed TEN’s Light Entertainment shows e.g Rove, GNW, Can of Worms, The Project (occasionally) and of course The Panel.

    With all of them having radio experience (and comedians too) I think it could work well.

  14. Panel of comedians sitting at a desk rehashing the news? Sounds eerily familiar.
    Maybe The Project Up Late would be a better title with 3 of the cast regularly appearing on The Project.

  15. adrianguest

    Channel 10, you have made me so happy. Great line up. Meshel and Tom will be great together. I have missed Working Dog’s “The Panel”. My Wednesday evening is looking good. Adam Hills at 8:30, then flick over to TEN.

  16. It’s not an original idea but it doesn’t need to be as long as they have the right cast (i.e. people who are actually funny and get along), which I think they do in this case. It’s good to see Ten playing to their strengths and I’ll definitely be watching.

  17. So Lawrence Mooney gets hidden away on ABC2, while these guys get to be front and centre on TEN doing exactly the same thing.

    I quite like Dirty Laundry, except for Marty Sheargold, and wish it was on more than one day a week, so if this show turns out to be decent I guess I get my wish.

  18. This sounds just right for 10 and the time slot is perfect. For me The Project is a lousy show and really hope it’s more The Panel or dare I hope something original.

  19. “I’m excited about this show because it’s live. I can say whatever I want, and then a million people hear it.” Umm Tom, you do realise this is on Ten right?

  20. I haven’t laughed from a panel/entertainment show in so long. The most recent offerings have all been from the ABC and I haven’t been hooked (Tractor Monkeys, Dirty Laundry, Wednesday Night Fever).

    I’m even more skeptical with this coming from Ten. I like Gleeson and Laurie but they don’t excite me. Happy to see Dave Thorton… And Tommy Little looks nice.

  21. This is the Channel Ten we know and love. Taking a few risks that 7 and 9 wouldn’t even consider. I’ll definitely give it a try. Wednesday Night Fever didn’t really hit the mark for me so I am definitely looking for an alternative.

    Don’t like the bit about musical acts just being considered. They should definitely be part of it from the beginning – so the team needs to make sure a band is lined up for at least the first episode. If they have them perform at the end of the show, the viewers will be more likely to hang around for the whole ep.

  22. the Panel was great but over stayed its welcome (after it was asked the cast wouldn’t go away. kinda like how Daryl Somers kept pitching Hey Hey its Saturday to channel 9 after it was axed)

  23. This a joke, right? An Australian network actually producing something new and different that isn’t a reality show or some family based drama? Wow! Bravo to Ten for initiative.
    It’ll be interesting to see how much this differs in style and feel to The Project and no doubt The Panel comparisons will continue as well. A good little cast (minus Meshel Laurie who is painfully bogan and is like listening to cats being thrown against a chalkboard), lets hope they have a good report with one another.

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