ABC1 wins Debate but X Factor beats Australia’s Got Talent

debateLet there be not debate – ABC1 won the Leader’s Debate last night, as the only primary channel to carry the event.

There were 708,000 viewers watching on ABC1, more than twice the numbers on either GEM (233,000), 7TWO (228,000) and way out in front of ONE (108,000) and SBS 2 (incorrectly coded as 31,000 / 45,000).

But the real battle was between two talent shows going head to head in the one timeslot. The X Factor which had audience momentum pulled 1.31m viewers while Australia’s Got Talent just cleared the magic million at 1.04m.  Nine’s Director of Television yesterday criticised Seven’s programming noting that Seven programmed their show “after they knew we were scheduling it in the slot. It’s probably not one of the greatest decisions they have ever made.” But after AGT was crushed by The Voice last year, it remains to be seen if Seven’s counter-act will go down as one of its most strategic.

Seven won the night despite GEM pulling a sizeable 9.0% share.

Seven network won Sunday with 32.4% then Nine 32.1%, ABC 16.3%, TEN 15.6% and SBS 3.7%.

Seven News was the night’s top show at 1.35m viewers then X Factor (1.31m), Sunday Night (1.08m), Bones (801,000) and Castle (539,000 / 293,000).

Nine News (1.35m) was best for Nine followed by 60 Minutes (1.16m), Australia’s Got Talent (1.04m), Underbelly: Squizzy (772,000), and The Mentalist (352,000). Nine’s schedule ran about 20 minutes late at some points.

ABC1 had a staggered schedule around the country but the preliminary numbers were ABC News (821,000), Grand Designs: Revisited (771,000), The Time of Our Lives (718,000), Leader’s Debate (708,000), ABC News Live (255,000) and The Iraq War (242,000).

MasterChef Australia (699,000) stayed as TEN’s best performer then Ripper Street (481,000), Modern Family (466,000 / 460,000), TEN News (439,000), The Simpsons (435,000) and The Graham Norton Show (263,000).

Catastrophe (251,000) led SBS ONE, World News Australia was 137,000, The Staircase was 66,000 and The Observer Effect was 63,000.

GEM’s Ashes series (504,000 / 310,000) topped multichannels.

Insiders: 183,000 / 92,000
The Bolt Report: 122,000 / 117,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 11 August 2013


  1. Congratulations to the ABC with the Debate. Also there’s ABC News 24 that got 198,000 plus the ABC1 figure according to the multi-channel figures i.e. 906,000 total.

    OK SBS. It did occur to me that some of the yo-yoing figures could be an effect of less popular interviewees and more popular ones. Plus possibly The Ashes. Also as stated last week viewers do prefer the documentaries.

    I do think putting a documentary after The Observer Effect was an excellent idea in general. However there are human beings involved and most people have work or school or things to do on Monday. So they probably mainly want to sleep at around 10.30pm. Others 11pm and even less at 11.30pm. Sorry to state the obvious. I’ll just point out when Seven was outright number one they put Titanic on a Wednesday night. It ended near midnight. It didn’t go well.

  2. caught up with AGT, seems to me that geri has a similar personality to danii, and timomatic not far from brian mcfadden. the whole show didn’t seem that different to the last season. i think 9 would be really upset about those figures, lots of questions can be asked; too soon for a revival?

    Uncle Jed definitely the highlight, i’d be interested to know if the copy on the preview disc had them at about the 70min mark, seemed very conveniently placed for people flicking channels after the debate.

  3. Best thing on last night was the Sunday Night interview with Stevie Nicks, even better than the Pink interview. I watched Xfactor and pvr’d AGT. It was ok but I think 9 should show it at 6.30 on Saturday nights.I liked Kyle and Dawn but not the other 2. They tried too hard to impress and they lacked chemistry with the other judges.Three judges would be better for AGT.

  4. The debate was a complete farce. Speers kept cutting them off and it wasn’t a debate at all. X factor did really well last night. It was much better than Australia’s Got Talent. I wasn’t that impressed with any of the judges except Geri and I am not a fan of Julia Morris either. There was one standout to me in terms of the actual talent but the rest didn’t impress me much at all. If these numbers stay that way Nine are paying a lot of money for a 1m viewer return and even though I was shocked Seven axed it it might have been the right thing.

  5. @oztvheritage Timomatic is a Nigerian-born Australian He was 10 months old when he came out here. Ten months old. He’s definitely Australian. Maybe look these things up first.

  6. @JM the Sunday Night P!nk interview was great. Jackie Frank gave an excellent insight into putting together a cover and feature story. She asked some really unique questions.

    60 Minutes interview was nothing new.

  7. @oztvheritage – you so realise that u don’t have to have white skin to be “Australian”….. Timomatic was born in Nigeria but the is definitely an Aussie…… There are some small minded people in this country

    On a separate thing…… Did anyone else notice that the P!nk interview on 60 mins was actually a rehash of an interview they did months ago in LA…. The only new footage looked like vids they had pulled off YouTube…. Didn’t catch the channel 7 interview did they have an exclusive with P!nk or something?

  8. Sorry, submitted too soon so ignore last comment

    Ripper Street is rating poorly for Ten so you’d think they’d want to keep what viewers they have not piss them off. I won’t be watching anymore. Turned over at 8.30, found out it wasn’t starting until 8.43 so I put a DVD on instead. Don’t start on time I won’t be watching. Hopefully Wonderland starts on time otherwise I’ll be watching Gruen instead.

  9. Can’t exactly see Seven having a problem with beating Nine, even when Nine had the cricket. Episodes of Bones left from last season are beating Underbelly too.

  10. Is Underbelly loosing it’s shine?, well less than the magic million with the ABCs ‘The Time of Our Lives’ not far behind with its local drama. I really hope this is the last UB series.

    Also on ABC The Iraq War thing was interesting. I watched a bit of the debate, it was fun seeing the worm turn on Labor.

  11. Armchair Analyst

    After the Debate last night on ABC News 24, i switched to the internet and watched TNA Impact Wrestling and then later on a DVD. Sunday nights seem to be borring at the moment. I have seen the promos for the Black List starring James Spader looks good and will be watching it, i wonder what timeslot it will be in. If its on a Sunday Night then that will give me a reason to stay on watching FTA on a sunday night.

  12. Secret Squirrel

    Let me see if I understand this correctly, Healy is annoyed that Seven counterprogrammed against AGT? Isn’t that exactly what Nine did last year (against AGT, oddly enough)?

    Surely “… not one of the greatest decisions they have ever made” refers to Nine’s decision to let everyone know weeks in advance when they’d be starting AGT. Given the ratings, I’d say that it was an excellent decision on Seven’s part.

  13. Oh, can I bang on about Graham Norton again?

    TEN screened the series final a couple of weeks ago, and this week slip in the second-last episode later than usual in the schedule.

    Next week, they program episode 10 from early June.

    I hope TEN executives aren’t puzzling why they can’t get decent numbers for it.

  14. I thought it was a much better, more productive debate than the 2010 one. covered a lot. people can say what they want about the worm but after it remained stable and slow moving most of the hour seeing it bomb sharply when tony answered the marriage equality question then shoot upwards when kevin gave his answer was a real moment.

  15. Australia’s Got Talent does nothing fro me….Julia is a pain…..and three of the judges are not Australian and the only Australian judge is an Idiot!!!

    Bad choices Nine!!!

  16. Well done to the producers(?) of the debate for keeping it strictly to one hour. Having said that, the debate was the best thing on TV last night, and I would’ve been happy to see an overrun.

  17. Channel Nine is in no position to be playing the victim card here. They are grubby in every sense of the word, stealing personalities from other networks and also their endless attempts of counter programming.

    If I could have it my way, I would have The X Factor on Sunday and Monday as opposed to Monday and Tuesday, not allowing AGT a chance to survive.

  18. Shame Ten are still not pulling numbers. Masterchef is much better than those moribund talent shows and Ripper Street is a real ripper. In my eyes, Ten has finally got their house in order but nobody cares.

  19. The flop of the night was Ripper Street. Unfortunately not doing well enough to warrant holding the 8.30 Sunday slot.

    Maybe just keep it there one more week and then move it to 9.30 once Graham Norton finishes next week.

  20. Nine’s Director of Television shouldn’t worry. After next Sunday (which will be home visits), X Factor will be back to Monday and Tuesday for the live shows.

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