Heartfelt Offspring hits season high

2013-08-15_0934A strong night for TEN and the ABC ensured that last night the numbers stacked up with four networks in there boots and all with less than 6% difference between them. Let’s have more nights like this please!

Offspring‘s season finale was the night’s top entertainment show, winning its timeslot with 1.1m viewers, topping the demos and securing its best numbers this season -just shy of an all-time high. Russel Howcroft will be pleased to see it even beat the return of Gruen Nation (1.03m).

Seven network still managed to win the night with 26.8% then Nine 24.7%, TEN 22.7%, ABC 21.0% and SBS 4.8%.

Seven News (1.29m) topped the night for Seven then Today Tonight (1.09m), SlideShow slipped a little (1.03m), then Home and Away (955,000), Deal or No Deal (554,000), Criminal Minds struggled (550,000 in 5 cities / 372,000 in 3 cities / 249,000 in 2 cities), and The Mole (229,000).

Nine News (1.22m) led Nine followed by A Current Affair (1.00m), Big Brother (894,000), Arrow (648,000), Hot Seat (640,000) and Embarrassing Bodies (330,000).

TEN had a good night thanks to Offspring (1.1m), MasterChef Australia second in its slot (923,000), The Project (692,000) and TEN News (688,000). This Week Live didn’t maintain the trend and slipped from last week to 436,000. The Simpsons was 373,000.

Gruen Nation topped ABC1 with 1.03m viewers followed by ABC News (956,000), The Hamster Decides (867,000), Qi (821,000), 7:30 (743,000), Wednesday Night Fever finished well (554,000) and Restoration Man (289,000).

On SBS ONE it was The Last Dogs of Winter (219,000), Charlie Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers (206,000), World News Australia (195,000) and Classical Destinations (131,000).

Neighbours was best on multichannels with 320,000.

Sunrise: 391,000
Today: 341,000
ABC News Breakfast: 64,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 14 August 2013.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Loved the Offspring finale. I went from bawling my eyes out, to laughing my head off, to bawling again and laughing again. The end scene of her lying on the floor giving birth was hysterical.

  2. it was good to see a ”four-channel-battle” in the ratings last night.

    Good to see Offspring rate well. A shame that This Week Live couldn’t succeed on the offspring final.

    The Gruen and the Chaser did well on the ABC too.

  3. @josh…yep totally agree….

    Important for TEN that TWL actually works. I think they need to have Rove as a regular panelist, He was excellent last week. Would also suggest a stand up comedy act and a music guest and acoustic performance each week.

  4. Comedy is incredibly subjective. I found Gruen a total bore. The same old stuff pointing out things I consider incredibly obvious and really not very different from their last election specials. I thought the Hamster had some pretty good gags and was much more entertaining. You would have to put a gun to my head to watch WNF again.

  5. However all three of those shows make This Week Live look amateur in comparison. Watched that show in the first week and it was woeful – not funny at all

  6. I had a bit of free time this afternoon so watched The Hamster Decides and Gruen Nation on iView. Hamster Decides was a waste of time – not very entertaining and quite tired. Gruen was better but still feels a bit dated and repetitive – exact same format as Gruen Transfer was back in 2008. The guy who was Rudd’s previous media campaign manager was a good panelist though – they should hire him back more often

    Wednesday Night Fever was abysmal I can see why nobody watches that show. The impersonations from Paul McCarthy are good but aren’t actually funny

  7. Here’s hoping that Ten recognises just how popular Rove is and finds a way to bring him back onto our screens. Yesterday’s This Week Live paled in comparison to the excellent episode last week.

  8. @ cronker, yeah it was 645,000 last week and 699,00 the week before, didn’t realise it was lower at 626,000 the week before that was Origin, couldn’t see it in the 10th July, but early July (3rd) there were 800,000 and yet after the first and second Origin eps. yet before the State of Origin series it was just under 1 million. So it would appear the Origin games have disrupted viewers and have lost interest. Whereas I have kept up and enjoyed the series.

  9. Channel 7 has killed the mole! If they just thought about it more and re scheduled it instead of putting it on later and later it could have been a hit! But they have killed a once hit show and now for loyal fans we’ll never get to watch it again after this season…

  10. Closest night of tv between everyone bar SBS last night. Good to see competition all round. Slide show slid a bit too as expected. It could get stale quickly I think. Offspring was great last night and that’s why Asher won gold because she is just brilliant. It’s good to see competition across the board.

  11. I was worried after last week’s episode that the Offspring finale was just going to be one long tear-fest, but boy did it prove me wrong. That was one of the show’s best ever episodes and the best thing I’ve seen on TV this year. Huge congratulations to the writers, actors and crew.

  12. Oh dear. Arrow has shed ~200k viewers in recent weeks.
    Unfortunately, it is one of those shows that demand continued viewing, you can’t just dip in and out.
    DVD box set for me, I think.

  13. So many people must really hate Sam for taking Mels job on sunrise. The viewer backlash has been huge and the obvious lack of chemistry is affecting the ratings so much… that they have won the last three days by bigger margins than I have seen in months. Oh please.

    Anyway, gald offspring did so well. Was a great episode. Hope wonderland can sustain some good figures in the timeslot.

  14. Offspring was beautifully done last night, a good mixture of sadness (Asher was wonderful) and comedy as Nina gave birth to her baby.

    A very satisfying season ending.

  15. Gruen was funny and brilliant last night. I could not stop laughing the whole episode. Hamster was alright, but I much prefer Gruen.
    Gruen make fun of politics by putting things in context. The Chaser guys’ humour is more about putting things out of context.

  16. This week live is in trouble until Gruen and the Chaser go away. Slideshow is mirroring Celebrity Splash ratings so far but I think it will hold up next week.

  17. Glad to see ABC finally doing well on a Wednesday night (against some strong competition). Should be even better next week when the Last Leg replaces the very ordinary WNL.

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