Edwina Bartholomew to co-host Dancing with the Stars

2013-09-24_0921Sunrise weather presenter Edwina Bartholomew has been confirmed as the new co-host for Dancing with the Stars.

She will join Daniel Macpherson next week, replacing Mel B.


Bartholomew joined Seven for the Beijing Olympics, but with Sunrise she has done everything from making coffees to being Sydney correspondent.

Her announcement ends speculation about who might step into the role with (now unfounded) rumours having included Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Kelly Osbourne.

Dancing with the Stars returns 7:30pm next Tuesday.


  1. Good to hear an Australian has been picked, but there will be some “who?” questions going around.
    If people don’t watch Sunrise they will have no clue who she is!

  2. Great choice. Some fresh new talent and not Kelly Osbourne. She’s great on Sunrise and she’ll be great on DwTS back it’s spirutual timeslot of Tuesday nights at 7.30PM

  3. thank god it isnt kerri Anne shes so dull & boring im glad its edwina bartholomew as a guy i dont watch it but i would watch now because of edwina she is hot as hell funny as hell & when shes on sunrise its so much better

  4. Love Eddy, She has to be the freshest face on TV, and so natural. Well done 7. Loved Kochies comment this morning when he asked Dan what it is like to have a normal person as a co-host. Ouch.

  5. I reckon thats a great idea. I to thought Kylie would be great but I guess she had her go with celebrity splash.

    She has been great since she took over the weather and she is a pretty funny person who likes a laugh and I think she will gel well Daniel.

    Its nice to see they went with an aussie co host.

  6. Not being a Sunrise person I have no idea who she is. So to me it is just another no name person on the show.
    Love the US version don’t care about the Aussie version.

  7. I think this could rate really well, ratings bombed when it first moved to Sunday, it slowly built from there, but never to the ratings it had before it moved from tuesday, this is where it fits IMO.

  8. She is a great choice. She has been a breath of fresh air on Sunrise and knows how to do Live TV well. I think she is going to be a great addition to the show. The judging panel looks good too and also i’ve heard there is going to be a set makeover too. I’m actually excited for this show after a couple of lacklustre seasons.

  9. That new guy on the panel is gone. Four judges… Todd, Helen, Kym and Adam. Mixed with eddy and Dan I reckon it had got a good shot. Great presenting/judging talent.

  10. Are they going to have five judges? Seriously? What a time waster they only need three, four at the very most, as it was in the beginning when Paul Mercurio was a judge. Five judges is definitely one too many.

  11. Great choice!!

    Eddy is bright, funny and down to earth. She has fantastic come backs on Sunrise so I think she will fit in perfectly!

    David – who are the judges now? This morning they said Kym Johnson and Adam Garcia so are they having 5 judges now or is either Todd, Helen or the other guy who’s name escapes me, not coming back?

  12. I dunno about this. I feel a bigger name like Kerri Anne or maybe Kylie Gillies might have been better for ratings. Although good to see some fresh talent for a change.

    Also Mel B only hosted the one season last year David.

  13. Think Edwina is great and she will be really good as a host, she is down to earth, funny, and an all round wonderful person, think this years dancing is shaping up to be the best ever. Like her best out of all the other co-hosts, who have been over the top.

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