Bumped: Now it’s Schapelle vs INXS

2014-02-02_1851Nine has moved its Schapelle telemovie from Monday to Sunday night.

It says the change is due to “current events.”

Schapelle now screens at 8:30pm with Seven’s INXS miniseries currently at 8:40pm.


  1. cynical old codger

    Could this mean that Nine has lost the bidding war for any future rights for her story, during Schapelle’s parole years and forever after.

    The may be a mugs input, but to me and as we have we have been told over and again this last week, that Schapelles release was eminent and due within days.

    So why would Nine bring it forward, instead of actually moving it back till immediately after her release, enabling time to for consultation and to set up ‘live crosses’ to Schapelle and to whoever else, during or after it being shown.?

    So have they lost the bidding war, and or was not accurate or sanctioned by the Corby’s?

  2. INXS: NTUA might win over Channel 9’s Schappelle. Nine might not survive ratings for tonight; they might languish to 4th place during its times lot.

  3. No winners tonight, just losers – us, the viewers. I really hate our TV networks, they are so pathetically childish in their race to the bottom. When is someone going to man (or woman) up and stick to their schedules.

    The printed guides, even in the daily papers, are full of TBAs, including last Tuesday at 7.30 when anyone interested would know MKR is on. Last night (Sat) ditto – so you know it’s going to be hours of repeats of MKR. Who do they think they’re fooling??

  4. C’mon get real.The INXS mini series will have Australia glued to their sets.
    The music, the story of the band going from Aussie pubs to superstardom, the Kylie Minogue connection and the tragic end.
    No brainer.
    Nine has shot itself in the foot

  5. This Sunday night will prove which network is truly the most liked.
    My predictions:
    The Block – 1.3m
    MKR – 1.7m
    SYTYCD – 0.9m
    Sunday Night – 1.3m
    60 Minutes – 1.6m
    Rake – 0.8m
    Schapelle – 1.8m
    INXS – 1.5m

  6. Will be interesting to see the result, at the end of the day, it just divides the audience.
    My prediction:

    MKR 1.8m
    The Block 1m
    60 mins 1.2
    Sunday Night 1.3
    Schapelle 2m
    INXS 1.3m
    SYTYCD 500k

  7. carolemorrissey

    Never been a fan of INXS, so will be watching Schapelle and taping Rake. Channel 9 had every programme tweeting about the change yesterday so if you are on Twitter you could not have missed the change. I noticed they are repeating the special the dark side of Bali after it.

  8. My EPG has Schapelle starting at 8.46pm and finishing at 10.57pm. INXS starts at 8.39pm and finishes at 10.40pm.
    I’ve decided to record both and watch Rake.

  9. Typical move by nine, they have been very childish for several years now, think this channel has gone to the dogs since it left the Packer family, and Scapelle will be repeated again and again and again, and not forgetting again, so viewers can watch it as many times as they like, again and again and again.

  10. My friend asked me advice about my DVD recorder on Friday because she is about to buy one so she can take the second episode of Revenge on Monday because the finishing time is too late & she doesn’t want to miss the end. Can 7 confirm for me (& her) whether Revenge is still two hours on Monday so she can save her money if not required. Looks like The Good Guys might also benefit from the ratings war.

    At the end of the day her new DVD player will come in handy whilst 7 & 9 make scheduling changes we can still tape whatever we like.

    I’ll just watch Rake And avoid the hype…

  11. And there we all were a few days ago applauding Nine for screening Shapelle away from INX. Well they can get stuffed now. They care not for us viewers one iota.

  12. Maev....Sydney

    Only checked this out because of the number of posts it generated…
    Personally….don’t care…cannot understand all the brouhaha…
    I will be watching Escape to the Country.

  13. “Never Tear Us Apart” to start @ 8.30pm will mean a 10 minute jump on “Schapelle” @ 8.40pm.
    Interesting to see which programme has the better production values?
    From promos, NTUA looks to be more polished than a tackier Schapelle!

  14. @Adam Oriti Art well it helps if the pvr epg is up to date, my Beywonwiz says 8.40pm Mayday Terror on Qf32, then 9.40pm Unknown (2011). So for some people who don’t watch alot of tv & don’t see the updated Schapelle promo with the new time, they might not even see it on their epg to schedule recording. I’m not knowledgable enough about pvr’s to know if this is a hardware problem, or Nine’s fault its not updated….

  15. Good grief – what’s happening over at Nein? Has someone from Seven news been giving them advice on how to make changes that the audience doesn’t know whats on?

  16. Have they rescheuled Mayday Mayday – Terror on QF32 as yet? That was supposed to be on a 8.40pm on Sunday . I will be watching INXS. Have little interest in watching schapelle.

  17. all i know is 9 have ruined a perfectly good John Legend song, damn them! agree with you kimbeth, its obviously all co-ordinated for a reason. I feel a bit sorry for 10 really.

  18. Monday night against a double episode of Revenge with MKR as a lead-in, Sochi and the ABC’s dependable current affairs lineup would be no piece of cake for Schapelle either.

    They may as well take on INXS while Schapelle is news. At the moment. Nine is only beating Seven on Thursdays.

    And this way they will be putting it on before critics reviews labeling it as a sensationalist melodrama that contains no new or interesting material.

    Nine doesn’t care about TV Guide or reviews and they get the most <60s doing so, so that won't worry them.

  19. Some publicity is always helpful, but I think a lot of people will be sick of hearing about Schapelle Corby come Sunday.

    I predict a victory for INXS and some very red faces at Nine come Monday morning.

  20. I will be watching schapelle on about 25 minutes delay so that i can FF all the ads and recording the inxs but i think nine was stupid to change it at the last minute changing shows at the last minute pisses off viewers and some will undoubtably miss it i wonder when they will be showing the qantas thing which was supposed to be on sunday night my guess will be monday

  21. thats a shame. But I will be watching INXS. Maybe people will tape one and watch the other.

    But it will sort of backfire is she doesnt get parole on the weekend. I dont think it matters if she comes out sunday or monday. In fact it may backfire on 9 because people are starting to get sick of the news stories.

    But its a shame 2 aussie mini series are pinned up against each other.

    I still hope 7 are showing double revenge

  22. Nine were still showing commercials last night advertising the Monday screening. Due to the late change – and how how people know about it – INXS is easily go to win the ratings over this show.

    I’m predicting 1.6m (INXS) vs 800k (Nine) vs 500k (Rake, ABC1).

    Have Nine made an announcement on what will screen on Monday night?

  23. Corby looks like possibly being released on Monday so from this you can assume that ch9 are planning something else Schapelle related on Monday night pending release obviously.

  24. SouthCoastSaint

    I care not for Schappelle. Have been looking forward to INXS for months. If you want to see the Schapelle drama all you need to do is watch the news for the next few days. Nein are banking on the renewed interest. It will not end well.

  25. If Nine originally wanted the Sunday timeslot for Schapelle, they should have announced an airdate well in advance rather than leaving to the last minute. Silly move as Nine will now lose Monday night as well (in addition to Sunday).

  26. I’ll watch Rake but Scha’pelle will knock all the opposition out of the water. It”ll be like an extended version of ‘A Current Affair’. Come to think of it Denise Richards is a pretty impressive actress so I might Scha’pelle anyway.

  27. I am still planning to record INXS and watch the two parts all together. Its not like we don’t know what happens.

    Not sure can’t Schapelle. I can’t be bothered and my PVR will already be getting a work out recording The Block and MKR.

  28. I’ll be watching Schapelle coz not really into INXS but bad move 9, now that ad for shapelle will be on every ad break so everyone knows errrr (stupid stupid stupid)

  29. Seriously, who gives a shit?

    They will both be repeated.. oh sorry, “encored” about five times each over the next week or two, and a few more times on digital multichannels, so who cares about this anymore?

  30. Ring a ding ding…ratings season is back!
    If I were seven I would seriously consider pulling INXS and saving it for another time. I reckon it will be thumped with the hype surrounding Ms Corby at the moment.
    Seven has 4 eps of kitchen rules, that would if not win a few nights for them, have them within strking distance.

  31. harrypotter1994

    Wow what a strange move. Bet some people will miss it becuase of the change and wont be to happy.

    See INXS beating this for sure but it should still get at least a million

  32. Channel 9 couldn’t have bought the publicity they’ve recevied for Schapelle this week.

    I think MKR will beat Block but Schapelle will beat INXS.

    The loser will be Ch 10.

  33. I wonder if Channel 9 have some inside information on her release date. Kinda makes me wonder why they would do this as the INXS mini series will win hands down

  34. Disgraceful and childish programming by Nine. This last-minute move is to the detriment of Aussie productions and viewers. There will be no winner out of this. Was looking forward to watching Schapelle but won’t be tuning in now, I refuse to reward this sort of behaviour.

  35. silly decision by Nine. It would get better ratings if it was left on Monday night.

    Doesn’t matter now… I’ll be watching Rake over on the ABC.

  36. What a ridiculous and selfish decision by Nine. Programming 101, give your show some space to grab as much audience as possible.
    A majority of the audience is better than half the audience.

    Two big event TV dramas going head to head like this doesn’t do anybody good. Bad for the industry.

  37. Why is this not a shock to me? Can you blame a fraught, fruitless network for engaging in such a manoeuvre?

    Seven will obliterate all the competition on Sunday with “My Kitchen Rules”, “Sunday Night” and “INXS: Never Tear Us Apart”.

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