Mad for Micallef

2013-04-16_1933ABC1 viewers may still be divided over the reboot of Spicks and Specks, but they are very happy thank you with the droll comedy of Shaun Micallef.

Last night Mad as Hell pulled 668,000 viewers which, although it trailed reality juggernauts, was a respectable figure given the competition and a lift on the preceding week. If only it could transfer to Spicks and Specks (440,000) and The Moodys (359,000) both of which have good critical praise.

Seven network won yet again with a share of 33.6% then Nine 30.9%, ABC 15.9%, TEN 15.1% and SBS 4.5%.

MKR was again #1 at 1.56m for Seven then Seven News (1.11m / 977,000), Home and Away (873,000), The Blacklist (871,000), Million Dollar Minute (469,000) and Chicago Fire (345,000).

The Block topped Nine’s night at 1.23m then Nine News (1.12m / 1.03m), A Current Affair (910,000), Inside Story (852,000), Hot Seat (581,000) and CSI (559,000).

ABC News (902,000) did well for ABC1 then 7:30 (703,000), Mad as Hell (668,000), Spicks and Specks (440,000), The Moodys (359,000), and The Last Leg (317,000). The Wrong Mans was 194,000.

TEN Eyewitness News (631,000) led TEN once more followed by The Project (585,000 / 373,000), Puberty Blues lifted slightly this week to 529,000. The Biggest Loser was 352,000.

On SBS ONE it was Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (252,000), One Born Every Minute (180,000), SBS World News (121,000) and Lilyhammer (70,000).

ABC2’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom ranked first on multichannels at 311,000.

The Morning Show: 159,000
Mornings: 100,000
Studio 10: 45,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 19 March 2014


  1. Sectres and Lies has too many plot holes and I don’t think I’ll go back to see the final eps. If it was after Puberty Blues it would look even more ridiculous. Puberty Blues is pure quality and another tick for Susie Porter. What a talent. The character of Gary is a pretty finely drawn character as well I think. I guess I could go on, it’s a great Aussie show.

  2. @dan – Exactly, Puberty Blues pulled in this week in the ball park of NCIS figures (NCIS was 502,000 this week and 571,000 last week), so it is doing well.

    I wonder if TEN had have had Pubert Blues on followed by Secrets And Lies, if Secrets And Lies would have faired better, 2 Aussie Dramas back to back may have worked better. Of course that would pit The Good Wife against Revenge and Love Child if it was on Monday, however it couldn’t do worse than 300,00 plus surely.

  3. @Gaz :”Puberty Blues is brilliant, and I agree with Angela that Susie Porters character, Pam, is just brilliant ”

    Isn’t she an absolute gem?
    Susie deserves to be nominated for a Logie for her wonderful portrayal of this character.
    In fact many of the other cast members do too – the acting by all is outstanding – can’t think of one weak character amongst them…

  4. Agree with everyone else, The Goodwife was so good last night. Puberty Blues is brilliant, and I agree with Angela that Susie Porters character Pam is just brilliant :)

  5. Last night’s episode of The Good Wife was exceptional.
    It’s weird, because from my point of taste, 10 have the best late night dramas of any channel. Good Wife & Homeland are two of my favourites.
    But SVU, Elementary, NCIS & The Americans are great. Even Blue Bloods & Hawaii 5.0 are solid enough shows.
    They have brilliant quirky stuff on 11 like Dexter, Californication & American Horror Story.
    They do well with Australian stuff in Offspring & Puberty Blues.
    Hell, they even have two of the worlds biggest comedies in Simpsons & Modern Family.
    They have some good stuff. And yet they just can’t get it to work. :/

  6. HardcorePrawn

    Why aren’t people watching Lilyhammer? It’s a work of genius, and even on a crowded night, one of the most entertaining shows on.

  7. ABC 2 has spicks and specks 830PM Thursday and mad as hell on at 9PM. Maybe ABC 1 get ride of Wednesday episode 830PM spicks and specks and keep Thursdays episode on ABC 2

  8. harrypotter1994

    Blacklist did pretty well considering it was only on in 4 states – Adelaide had Downton Abbey

    The Good Wife’s numbers are not great but ok thats about all they have got for all the other seasons so its not like they have gone massively down

  9. I think Uncle Terry is stealing The Moody’s like Homer stole The Simpsons. He is really funny.

    The Good Wife is sensational. I only went back to it after the raves on this site and am so glad I did. It really is polished.

    This is the first year I have properly watched MKR and I gave up after the home round. It became like a different show and not at all interesting.

  10. The Inspector

    The Good Wife episode last night was the best one ever. The only show I watch on Ch 10, and one of about four ‘must see’ shows I watch anywhere all week.

    It was extremely frustrating being told it was coming back last October, and having to wait until February.

  11. Agree with @dan regarding Puberty Blues.
    Great to see its ratings lifting – definitely deserves better numbers and also really hope to see a 3rd season next year..
    What a wonderful show …just gets better and better with each ep.

    Susie Porter is fabulous as Sue’s mum, Pam.
    What a gorgeous, warm, funny, vibrant character.
    Everyone deserves a mum like Pam.

    Love Mad As Hell but don’t think Shaun could sustain the laughs all year.
    Probably best to leave it as it is.

  12. Forget spicks n specks – Mad As Hell is the new spicks, in terms of building an audience. Abc should pour more into producing more of it and build their night around it, make it their new Wednesday night stalwart, and do away with the new spicks. And I’m a Mad As Hell fan, I actually find it too pantomimish and theatrical, but hey if it’s working for them, more power.

  13. @ randwick – I agree TBL is a ratings nightmare but what are TEN supposed to do – they have already filmed the entire season and it would be stupid to just pull it off the air and for the viewers who have been watching to not see the end results. I personally think maybe TEN could maybe re-edit the final weeks to try and get it to 2 episodes a week and that will at least save 2 night of ratings. That’s the only idea I can think of that won’t send TEN (more) broke.
    @ David Knox – do you know how long is left of TBL?

  14. So once again TBL was a ratings turkey for ten, which means that Friday nights episode will be even worse, and Ten already know it …. way to go Ten … if you don’t change it for a movie or anything else, you really are the biggest loser …..not to mention your shareholders and your advertisers …..

  15. I’d be reporting The Good Wife numbers if they are at 333,000! 9:30pm slot nearly beats 7:30pm TBL, not to mention pretty good compared to CSI and Chicago Fire which were roughly in the same timeslots (can’t recall exactly but CSI was 9:30pm and Chicago Fire was 10pm?). Something’s telling me if there was a better 7:30pm program Puberty Blues would be 600k+ and The Good Wife would have been over 350k. The sooner TBL is over the better for TEN.

  16. I think ABC has tried to pitch Spicks to a much younger audience than it attracted previously.

    We lasted 10 minutes with the first ep and haven’t bothered with the show since.

  17. To be 100% honest the new Spicks and Specks is no where near the old and is sort of a leaf out of TEN’s book lately by trying to rehash an old series to no avail.

    MKR is starting to annoy me a bit now. One elimination a week is starting to get tedious. I still love the show but its not as good as the instant restaurant rounds. Sad to see The Good Wife get only 333k. It is one of the best dramas going around right now but obviously it has this TEN effect going on right now where hardly anything can get close to a million unless its sport.

  18. Good to see puberty blues fate well by ten standards if it continues like that then it should be renewed for a 3rd season if it was on 9 or 7 and pulled those numbers it would have been gone by now it is such a great show

  19. If Spicks and Specks doesn’t pick up the ABC should consider shifting it later in the night or to ABC2. If ABC2 is going to be a real channel it needs content that has some audience. You can’t be spending time and money on narrative shows that take years to develop and put them on with a 440k lead in. They should give it a chance for another month or so but if it slides out of the top 20 consistently it should go elsewhere. Mad as Hell should be running all year. They will miss it when it goes.

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