Bumped: Have You Been Paying Attention?

2014-02-17_2155TEN has at last decided to move Have You Been Paying Attention? from its Sunday night timeslot.

The show is out at 6pm this Sunday but will return after Easter in a late-night slot (hmm where has that been suggested?) and a new one-hour format described as “later, longer and definitely looser than ever before.”


“For us, later night feels like a more natural fit” said host Tom Gleisner. “This, coupled with changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, means we can now have a lot more fun with the week’s news”.

Working Dog’s Executive Producer Michael Hirsh adds: “Since starting the show we’ve come to realise that it’s better suited to later night. We’re delighted that TEN are giving us the opportunity to continue the show in a later slot.”

In February Gleisner told TV Tonight the show was lucky to have an open-ended run with the network.

“As I understand it there’s no end-date as such, but we know in television that nothing is a guarantee. As long as we don’t totally run the network off the rails I think they’re happy for us to chug along,” he said.

Modern Family will air this Sunday at 6pm.


  1. There’s a fair bit of gold that doesn’t end up on air. Filming goes roughly for 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours – many of it adult jokes too which deserve to go on air.
    An extended time and later time slot is great.

  2. SouthCoastSaint

    Good for them, but bummer for Master 9 and Master 12 – this is our Sunday Night sitdown and watch TV together as a family time. Guess they kids will be heading to Tenplay. Shows like this and Mad as Hell are encouraging my kids to get interested in the news.

  3. a big +1 for the likes here too!

    Absolutely love the show and it has me in stitches most of the time. As anything from Working Dog usually does.

    More than happy with a later timeslot and a 1 hour show – Bring it on!

  4. Tom spoke on Melbourne radio this morning and said it would air at 9:30pm but they weren’t sure on the night yet.
    So that’s good news, it could work on a Wednesday night with Offspring as the lead-in.

  5. Hopefully this stays on Sundays but moves to 10:30 after Graham Norton (wishful thinking, too late, I know). I usually watch the repeat and often quite enjoy bits of it so will miss it if it moves to a mid-week slot when I’m likely to forget about it.

  6. It comes down to casting. Ed Kavalee is one of the most unfunny comedians in Australia. He has been on many shows that always fail.
    Unfortunately the premise seems to be make a joke of every answer & most of those are just falling flat. All the contestants seem to think that whatever comes out of their mouth is comedy gold & that is the problem because it isn’t.
    Maybe if they weren’t all trying so hard to be funny there might be some genuine funny moments.

  7. Wow look at all this support! This is nothing but good news in my mind. Going later means no ratings pressure and hour long means Tom doesn’t have to talk so fast to get all his questions in! As for those who don’t like it…it really comes down to your like/dislike of the panellists. I like Sam Pang and Kavalee, others won’t. That’s the difficulty of panel shows.

  8. I love this show. I have a reminder set for it, otherwise I’d miss it every time. I am always surprised when it pops up because it just seems unrealistically early. A late night slot is logical, loosens it up, and making it longer is a genius move. It’s like they’re reading my Twitter feed.

  9. oztvheritage

    This is a great show. And was a poor time slot. Especially during daylight savings. Best with all the regulars. New special guests struggle to fit in. Look forward to a post 9.30 slot where they can be a bit more crude. Glad it has not got the axe and is tried at another time like all shows should be!!!!

  10. 10 could be really out there and slot this little ‘gem’ to run 24 hours a day.

    The rotating guest list should include Gina, Jamie, Kerrie and li’le Lauchlan who could also play some kind of cerebral “Celebrity Heads” in the 5.30pm slot.

    “Every player wins a seat on the board” could be the catchcry..

    I can hear programmers at 7, 9 and the ABC cheering in unison…

    The twist of course, would be to shunt the cast of Spicks and Specks in to ‘save’ the show and network…

  11. It’s a shame this program isn’t rating better for 10 cause I think it quite good (and a few others here agree) and shows more about channel 10 problems over the last 2 years.
    Having gone a taping of the show a couple weeks back, the latter timeslot would be a good fit because the show at the moment is tightly edited forit to fit just 21 mins & to putting some of the looser adult comedy or segments that get cut can extend the show to about a 45 min timeslot easily without ruining it’s rhythm.

  12. This pleases me greatly; completely wasted as family entertainment.

    The guests are far too witty to be wasted as family fodder and you can tell they just want to break that PG rating all the time :)

  13. OK so there are actually 4 of us liking it! 😉

    David, I agree the late night slot will be better and sure the 1 hour will work too…but then again, I am biased.

  14. Justsaying..

    Sorry to be negative but I’m still surprised this show is running it has to be one of my worst shows- it’s about comedians answering questions with silly answers trying to be funny I really don’t get it.

  15. I love this show, and I think an hour would be much better for it. I hope Ten can grow the format, it deserves better ratings than it gets.

  16. At our house, it has been religiously watched every Sunday and gives us more laughs than most of the sitcoms do these days,

    Worried about it going for an hour though…

  17. TasTVcameraman

    I just wish that sometimes the so called comedians would give a comedic take on the right answer instead of really stupid answers which are clearly wrong.

    Sometimes it is great depending on the guests but sometimes in my opinion the comedians just try too hard. It does not always have to be stupid funny, Take a leaf out of Good News Week. Which was always fantastic. Maybe Wil had something to do with that and Corinne. Dave if you are ever back on TV again there is no need to shout!

  18. Am I the only person in the world that think this is a great show? The comedy is sharp and the interactions between host and players are great.

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