TEN cooks up new daytime schedule

2014-05-22_1302With the axing of TEN’s news programmes and Wake Up the schedule from Monday, not too dissimilar to the kind of scheduling we would normally associate with a multichannel.

Will TEN maintain its lead in daytime viewers with so many repeats?

6:00am Ready Steady Cook rpt
7:00am Entertainment Tonight
7:30am The Bold and the Beautiful rpt
8:00am Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals rpt
8:30am Studio 10
11:00am MasterChef Australia rpt
12:30pm Dr Phil
1:30pm Come Date With Me rpt
2:30pm Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals rpt
3:00pm Judge Judy
3:30pm Entertainment Tonight rpt
4:00pm Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield
4:30pm The Bold and the Beautiful
5:00pm TEN Eyewitness News

At this rate it may as well rebrand as a cooking channel.


  1. Perhaps all of us posting here wouldn’t like to sit down and watch Ten’s daytime schedule from start to finish every day, but that’s not what they’re expecting people to do.

    Generally speaking, Australians are either working or at school during most of this period. Relatively few people are in a position to watch daytime TV, and few of those are of much interest to advertisers. It’s a small market.

    For a long time, TV channels didn’t broadcast during the day. It wasn’t worth their while.

    Ten are going with a cheap schedule. Good on them! Between Ten, 11 and One, they can probably satisfy just about anyone aged over 18 during the day, and not spend much to do so :-)

  2. Les Solomon

    Can Channel Ten’s license be cancelled, and then it could become 24 hour movie and quality TV series re run channel, would rate a lot better

  3. We may as well just have ABC, Seven, Nine and SBS. Ten.. you need to go, or get way way better. That is shocking. I’m super worried about my shows on ten – Offspring, The good wife and puberty blues plus occassionaly the living room. Pretty sure the Jamie repeats have been done to death.

  4. Such a watchable program schedule. Is this all that they have?
    @andy pandy – Nine doesn’t own Days of Our Lives. Sony has it. Nine didn’t renew/

  5. Dear Lord will anyone be watching 10…. I feel they should re hash some older soapies… The Restless Years, Holiday Island….. They tried everything else no harm in dragging oldies but goodies out….

  6. Goodness me, that line-up is depressing. The cupboard must be pretty bare… two screenings of ET and Jamie Oliver each day? These shows aren’t that popular at the best of times. Who thinks people want to watch them twice in the same day?

    Bring back Bill Collins and the Midday Movie… or Annette and Roy hosting Good Morning Melbourne… at least offer a bit of depth in programming.

  7. Those ridiculous lead in shows early morning that will not rate will kill off Studio 10 too. It’s absolutely all or nothing with Channel 10. One minute their hiring massive amounts of staff to generate new shows. Then the next minute they are cutting way too many people with no shows left. Who is steering this ship anyway??? It all just seems so rudderless and every decision so extreme. There just needs to be some balance and “steady as she goes mentality”. Small steps, instead of turning a hard right or left when the ships sinking.

  8. This is what i would schedule…….
    6.00 Project rpt
    7.00 Studio 10 rpt
    9.00 Studio 10 live
    11.00 Everyday Gourmet
    11.30 Ent Tonight
    12.00 The Talk
    1.00 Dr Phil
    2.00 Doctors
    3.00 Masterchef rpt
    3.30 Jamies 30 min meals
    4.00 Judge Judy
    4.30 Bold & B
    5.00 Ten News
    6.00 The Project
    7.00 Masterchef
    7.30 ……………….

  9. Ten management should all be sacked they have no idea what viewers want . All these reruns is absurd.we want to wake up with an aussie breakfast show just do it right .the talent is there sandra sully kerrianne ,matt white as hosts natasha belling readng the news nula doing the live weather crosses.why not utilise darling harbour as the shows location.whats wrong with a daytime varieity show ,the talk was an excellent show, I am suprised there is no Oprah repeats in their line up might as well.. Pathetic .all this line up will do is force what viewers they have left to leave altogether .feel sorry for all the talented people forced to look for another job.

  10. Shoudy Chen

    @Trustno1 – you can remember back in 2012 when ten axed The Circle in August, then Breakfast at the end of November. Why not have a lineup that it is similar to Dec 2012 Schedule? At least they can balance the programming well.

  11. I also think they should have “The Talk”.
    @Shoudy Chen I actually record new episodes of Entertainment Tonight every day at 3.30pm and watch it later that night.

  12. Dantheman84

    tomothyd. Rush is shown at 1pm on One weekdays going head to head against city homicide on 7two. But your right they should get the most out of the cbs deal.

  13. Maev....Sydney

    Sometimes they do not rate much better than a multi channel…
    @ GG…I think I read somewhere…that they have used up the options for that movie….well I hope so…

  14. This is a terrible daytime schedule, all these repeats are ridiculous, and way too much cooking. They should not aim to get the viewers sick of cooking before Recipe to Riches commences. To repeat Come Date With Me which was a one season flop that had to run on Eleven as TEN realised it was not strong enough for the primary channel is plain dumb.

    They should utilize CBS This Morning, The Talk and perhaps rerun former primetime drama like Rush, as Seven are doing with Blue Heelers and City Homicide. They could even chuck that dreadful new ‘We Wanna Marry Harry’ in daytime and burn it off in two weeks.

  15. Studio 10 should run from 10am to 12pm, similar to The Circle’s initial timeslot. It wouldn’t have to compete with The Morning Show/Mornings in its second hour and might see a slight ratings bump.

  16. I don’t know why they are airing ‘The Talk’ on weekends only. ‘The Doctors’ will air at 1pm when the MasterChef replays are 60 minutes.

  17. Six cooking show repeats. Couldn’t they mix it up a bit??? And have they cancelled The Doctors too??? (Not that I’m a fan).
    We need more variety. Show a movie perhaps? Or some comedy programs? Maybe Ten could shift their Modern Family repeats from prime time to daytime. Maybe Ten could also show some overseas game shows.

  18. HardcorePrawn

    Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals? Again?

    Ten must be up to the 4th or 5th screening of that show by now.
    They’re certainly getting a lot of mileage out of a show that originally screened during the non-ratings season.

  19. Shoudy Chen

    Channel 10’s programming is terrible. Why not have new episodes of The Insider and ET? And please bring back The Talk during weekdays and put it after the Studio 10.
    It’s going to rate much worse this year during the daytime schedule than the summer 2012-13 season.

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