Returning: Masters of Sex

2014-07-07_2017Critically-acclaimed US drama, Masters of Sex returns to SBS ONE for its second season soon.

The show will be screened “Express from the US” – a phrase that Foxtel has owned- later this month.

Season one left audiences on a cliff hanger, with William Masters (Sheen) standing in the rain at the doorstep of his former colleague, Virginia Johnson (Caplan) pleading “There is one thing I can’t live without…It’s you” and this is exactly where season two begins.

Season two reveals a new family member in the Masters’ household, after Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald) has her dream fulfilled of being a mother, believing she was infertile for most of the first season. Then there is a secret rendezvous between Masters and Johnson where the pair conduct their “research” in unexplored territory, out of the lab and into a hotel room.

The second season sees the return of stars Caitlin Fitzgerald, Allison Janney, Teddy Sears and Annaleigh Ashford, with Emmy-winning comedian and actress Sarah Silverman, taking up a recurring guest role.

Episode One: 
The ramifications of Masters’ disastrous presentation ripple beyond his firing from Maternity Hospital as Libby, worried about supporting their new baby, pushes him to get another job. Johnson, still working for Dr. DePaul, must fight off the advances and innuendos stemming from the belief that she was the woman in the film.

Thursday 31 July, 9.30pm on SBS ONE.


  1. They have loaded the whole first season on to SBS on demand if anyone wants to catch up on the first season before the second airs

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Excellent news, perfect for 9:30 Thursday, and we can be confident that the series will play out in that same timeslot.

    @Pertinax – I can’t tell you why it’s not premiering on 24 July but before that there’s a little bicycle race.

  3. Why wouldn’t a network put a US summer show on ASAP? There’s little foreign drama competition on and the audience is at its largest for the year.

    The key thing is that SBS are sticking with it after the disappointing numbers for S1.

  4. Hello David,

    I might be slow this morning – you’ve given me a time (9:30pm) and a station (SBS 1) – but neither day nor date.

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