Upcoming Premieres and Finales for Free to Air, Pay TV & Streaming.


Monday February 27
Academy Awards special 12:30pm Nine
Date My Race special 7:35pm SBS
Mysteries of Laura 8:30pm Universal
Astronaut Wives Club 10:30pm 7flix
Scandal 11:30pm 7flix

Tuesday February 28
Atlanta 9:30pm SBS VICELAND
Chicago Fire final 11pm Seven

Wednesday March 1
When We Rise SBS On Demand
Dicte SBS On Demand
Keeping Up with the Kardashians 1pm E!
Stage & Screen 7:30pm Foxtel Arts
The Truth About Racism special 8:35pm SBS
Selling Houses Australia 8:30pm LifeStyle

Thursday March 2

Broad City 10pm ABC2
NRL Footy Show Nine

Friday March 3
Trip for Biscuits iview
Broadchurch 8:30pm ABC

Saturday March 4
Chris Humfrey’s Animal Instinct 6:30pm Animal Planet
Speechless 8pm ELEVEN

Sunday March 5
Grad Season 2017 iview
Sports Sunday 10am Nine
The Lost Tribes of Humanity special 7:35pm SBS
Vera 8:30pm ABC
Bull 8:30pm TEN
Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras special 8:30pm SBS
The Missing 8:30pm BBC First
Being Warren Buffet special 8:30pm Showcase

Monday March 6
Go Jetters 6:15pm ABC2
The Coolbaroo Club special 8pm NITV
Crime Watch Daily 9:30pm CI

Tuesday March 7
Amy Schumer: The Leather Special Netflix
Marvels Agents of SHIELD 7:30pm 7flix
Back in the Day 7:30pm NITV
Brian Cox: Life of a Universe 8pm ABC
Mountjoy Prison special ABC2

Wednesday March 8
Pop-Ability iview
Tony Robinson Down Under final 7:30pm SBS
Miss Tibet: Beauty in Exile special 7:45pm NITV
Woman with Gloria Steinem marathon 8:30pm SBS VICELAND
Althea special 9:30pm NITV
The Vikings final 9:35pm SBS

Thursday March 9
Survivor 7:30pm 9GO!
Destination Flavour Singapore final 8:05pm SBS
Family Guy 8:30pm 7mate
Shades of Blue 8:30pm Universal
Sugar Free Farm 8:35pm SBS
Fursonas special 8:55pm SBS VICELAND
Call Me Mum special 9:30pm NITV

Friday March 10
My Transgender Kid special 9:15pm ABC2

Sunday March 12
Feud 8:30pm Showcase

Monday March 13
Top Gear 8:30pm BBC Knowledge

Tuesday March 14
Life of a Universe final 8pm ABC
Bullied 8:30pm ABC

Friday March 17
Marvel’s Iron Fist Netflix

Tuesday March 21
Demolition Man 7:30pm A&E
Todd Sampson’s Life on the Line 8pm ABC

Wednesday March 22
Mafia Only Kills in Summer SBS On Demand
The Night Manager 8:30pm SBS

Friday March 24
Grace and Frankie Netflix

Friday April 4
Louis CK: 2017 special Netflix

Monday April 10
Shots Fired 8:30pm Showcase

Tuesday April 11
Better Call Saul Stan

Thursday April 13
Seven Types of Ambiguity 8:30pm ABC

Monday May 22
Twin Peaks Stan

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