GO! will fast-track Survivor finale


This almost (but not quite) makes up for the dire playout of Survivor this season…..

Next week Survivor fans will be getting a daytime finale for the series, followed by a primetime replay.

The Millenials vs Gen X series will kick off at 12 midday AEDT on GO! in all states, followed by the all-important 1 hour reunion on Thursday December 15th.

All three hours will then be repeated for those who are unable to catch it, from 7:30pm local time.

But first there is a one hour episode to get to tomorrow night on GO!


  1. Thanks to Channel 9 I missed most of this season, So I gave up. Hopefully next year they’ll be better organized, but I’m not holding my breath……on the other hand maybe give channel 10 the rights

  2. This season took a while to find it’s feet but it’s finishing strong. However it’s been trounced by an incredible debut of Australian Survivor.

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