Oops. “Best of 2016”

Live TV never ceases to entertain us with its bloopers, boo-boos and muck-ups. In 2016 it delivered more wayward moments, with technical glitches, when people said far too much, and when presenters were left dangling on air.

Many of 2016’s best muck-ups were in Live News -always subjected to so many moving parts.

Some clips of the year’s most glaring moments have been strategically removed from YouTube so I have included a screenshot as a not-so-subtle reminder.

For my money it’s hard to go past that totes awks moment when Rebecca Judd turned the other cheek on Nine News presenter Tony Jones (above), when he was giving a fond farewell.

Although the two do seem to have form…

There were plenty of times presenters had no idea they were going Live to air.

Or the Control Room encounteredĀ technical mayhem (particularly at Nine News this year).

There were slips of the tongue (warning language!).

And those who didn’t realise the microphone was still live.

Live News crosses had their share of disruption.

So did live calls…

Phallic symbols make an annual, ahem, entry.

Unfortunate typos…

Sunday Night got the wrong guy with a pic of Nine cameraman Ben Williamson instead of Adam Whittington.

There were geographical mix-ups (no, that’s not NZ).

Talent shows had their share of boo-boos…

And those who just missed theirĀ big moment entirely.

See you in 2017!

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