Reports: Ex-Seven employee goes public with allegations

Seven West Media CEO Tim Worner is at the centre of allegations of an intimate relationship with a network employee, which has become public following the breakdown of negotiations.

Both News Corp and Fairfax are reporting Amber Harrison, 35, had a consensual relationship with Worner for two years from 2012, prior to his top job appointment in May 2013.

Seven has confirmed its CEO has previously apologised for the inappropriate relationship and that $100,000 paid was out of sympathy after she raised mental health concerns. Another report suggests $150,000 was paid.

She claims the affair ended in 2014, and soon after she was investigated for alleged fraud amounting to $262,000 of unauthorised expenditure on her corporate credit card and encouraged to resign. A Seven source claimed it was discovered after an independent audit and her employment was then terminated. She later repaid $14,000 in personal expenses.

The story has become public after three failed attempts over two years to reach a settlement and failed negotiations between parties at the Australian Human Rights Commission in May.

Seven declined to comment.

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  1. sorry but the way i see it, Ms Harrison is playing victim somewhat. She has admitted the affair was consensual, she is an adult who could surely see some consequences of having an affair with a work colleague. Personally i don’t see why she should be paid out such an amount & it seems like sour grapes to go public now that she hasn’t received the amount she wanted.

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