Improvement for “Christmas miracle” Maria Venuti

In encouraging news, showbiz star Maria Venuti was given permission to attend her daughter’s birthday at home on New Year’s Day.

She was surrounded by friends for a brief visit for Bianca Venuti-Hughes’ 37th birthday.

“Best birthday ever (BBE)!!!- and the best birthday present I could ever ask for was indeed delivered!
Mum was allowed a brief home visit for the very first time… for traditional 4.02pm birthday cake!,” Bianca wrote on Facebook.

“So so good that the apartment was all possible for wheelchair access and such a very big star for her today!

Maria Venuti was hospitalised in early November after suffering a debilitating stroke, following a stalker.

She was also home for Christmas and able to eat soft food.

“I’ve never felt closer to mum than I do now. Christmas is all about love and family… so be sure to hold your loved ones so close during this special time – it’s all that really matters,” Bianca wrote.
“Can’t wait to spend it in rehab with Mamma – our Christmas miracle XX
Merry Christmas everyone! 🙏🎄🎅🏼”

She also told the Daily Telegraph, “We are definitely remaining optimistic while still ­realistic about mum’s recovery in 2017.

“I’m looking forward to sharing many more beautiful moments together.”


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