The Loop’s priceless NYE prank

New Year’s Eve at The Loop on ELEVEN.

Can we say enthusiasm?

This priceless start to the new year has now attracted worldwide coverage and already over 360,000 views.

If it was for real then presumably this crowd had been forced to hang around too long?

Updated: But today Tweedie set the record straight.


  1. Dr Mumbo on MumBrella picked it as a setup as soon as it happened. He said it was recorded last October and that it had gone viral for its sheer awkwardness. As it turns out it has proven a hit for TEN in its target demographic of young people because it has been shared many times on Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Reminds me of a “party” I was DJing at in the mid-1990’s – did the countdown but everyone just sat there talking. Noone counted down, a few people looked but it was like ” ok so it’s now 1997 – back to the music”… I was then asked to turn the music down and finished by 12.30am.

  3. Studio 10 have posted an interview with Scott Tweedie on Facebook where he explains it was all a pre recorded sham. They weren’t even in the studio for it ! Funny really!!

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