Amber Harrison not expected in court today

Former Seven West Media executive assistant is not expected in the NSW Supreme Court today when her injunction hearing is heard.

According to reports today, Harrison is struggling financially and cannot afford to attend.

Reports claim she is living with family and worried about future employment prospects, following news of the scandal surrounding CEO Tim Worner.

The case continues to attract media attention, last night featuring on ABC’s Media Watch, and in headlines in print.

The Australian Financial Review commented, “While it may appear to be a whole lot of dry legal argument about commercial in-confidence documents – beyond the he-said, she-said slugfest, this entire saga really comes down to a question of culture and specifically, the sort of corporate culture that says it’s OK for a future CEO to have an affair with a staff member without there being consequences. After all, the standard you walk past, is the standard you accept. Right Sheila McGregor?”

ABC today notes, “The whole affair must have caused shudders in boardrooms around the country. But can corporate scandals and company failures be avoided? In many cases, yes, according to Peter Cebon, a consultant on governance, management and risk, and senior research fellow at the University of Melbourne — but only if boards themselves are proactive.”

Meanwhile Ms Harrison declined to talk to The Daily Telegraph about her case, but friends said that she was “longing for the nightmare to end”.

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