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Binge watching is bad news for depression, loneliness.

David Knox January 31, 2015 9

If you are a total binge addict take a long hard look at your relationships -apparently they are on shaky ground.

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Dutch gunman storms TV studio

David Knox January 31, 2015 2

Video: Real drama for Dutch broadcaster as a man with a fake gun demands live airtime.

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Rumour: Rove to return to late night TV?

David Knox January 30, 2015 32

Could Rove be about to return to hosting variety in a late-night spot on TEN?

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Open House spin-off a chip off the old Block

David Knox January 30, 2015 17

Nine to renovate Thursdays with "The Block on speed, with a big dollop of Better Homes & Gardens."

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NBC orders new pilot of Strange Calls adaptation

David Knox January 30, 2015 0

Third time lucky for the US take on a little-known ABC2 comedy.

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25 years of Sandra Sully

David Knox January 30, 2015 9

Video: Studio 10 salutes one of TEN's much-loved personalities on a special occasion.

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AACTA Awards 2015: winners

David Knox January 29, 2015 24

Winners include The Code, Devil's Playground, Hamish & Andy, Please Like Me and Utopia.

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Network feud over Family Feud ratings

David Knox January 29, 2015 36

Nine says TEN has gotten ahead of itself on judging Family Feud as a big success.

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ABC clean sweep at AACTA craft awards

David Knox January 29, 2015 1

Winners included: The Code, The Broken Shore, Black Comedy, Carlotta.

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MEAA concern over foreign crews hired for Cricket World Cup

David Knox January 29, 2015 1

Union says Australian crew have not been sought for jobs on the Cricket World Cup.

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tenplay joins Apple TV

David Knox January 29, 2015 15

TEN's catch-up app is now offering shows from TEN, ELEVEN and ONE via Apple TV.

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2014_04_Gallipoli Ep4BSc18-20_0005

How Nine won the battle for Gallipoli over the ABC

David Knox January 28, 2015 25

John Edwards had expected Gallipoli to find a home on the ABC, until Nine made its case.

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