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Adam and Lisa

House Rules

David Knox April 17, 2014 15

Seven aims its show at middle Australia, with colloquial reactions from a renovation that could be happening in your street.

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David Knox April 13, 2014 5

The name is familiar, but the plot and the characters are new in this highly-entertaining drama inspired by a film classic.

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Jack Irish

David Knox April 8, 2014 3

Lawyer turned jack-of-all-trades returns in another dense, handsome turn on the ABC.

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David Knox April 6, 2014 4

Vice-President Selina Meyers sets her sights on the top job and a parade of mishaps in HBO's delicious comedy.

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Game of Thrones

David Knox April 4, 2014 4

Season 4 is everything we want Subscription TV to be, and it's only just getting started.

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The Gods of Wheat Street

David Knox March 30, 2014 1

ABC1 sprinkles a little magic realism over an Indigenous family trying to hold together, in this upcoming drama.

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David Knox March 24, 2014 22

Despite a similar premise, Resurrection hasn't a chance of matching The Returned.

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The Escape Artist

David Knox March 19, 2014 5

David Tennant plays a flawless barrister whose world unravels when he is targetted by one of his clients.

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The Face Australia

David Knox March 16, 2014 2

Naomi Campbell never got the note that nasty judges are so 2004, as her new show decides it's all about her.

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The Spoils of Babylon

David Knox March 10, 2014 8

Take The Thorn Birds, some big name Hollywood stars and plenty of cheese, and you might end up with this.

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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

David Knox March 8, 2014 4

Nat Geo embarks on Event TV with its new science series, as a sequel to the work of astronomer Carl Sagan.

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Janet King

David Knox February 24, 2014 30

ABC1's Janet King is the phoenix rising from the ashes of Crownies, thanks to putting Marta Dusseldorp front and centre.

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