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The Memorial: Beyond the ANZAC Legend

David Knox November 1, 2014 0

Even a bonnie Scot is moved by the stories found inside Canberra's War Memorial in this series on History.

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Black Comedy

David Knox October 27, 2014 3

Indigenous writer performers offer themselves as the punchline in ABC's fresh new sketch comedy.

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The Big Adventure

The Big Adventure

David Knox October 17, 2014 24

Part-Survivor, part glorified-radio-contest, Seven's new reality series has a tropical backdrop and a lot of moolah.

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Happy Valley

David Knox October 16, 2014 14

Domestic drama meets kidnapping heist in BBC's cop series with more than meets the eye.

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The Embassy

David Knox October 13, 2014 1

Nine's new factual benefits from DFAT access in Bangkok and reminds us to be respectful of foreign cultures.

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The Leftovers

David Knox October 11, 2014 8

When 2% of the population disappear it divides those left behind in HBO's perplexing, sometimes frustrating, new drama.

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Louis Theroux at how Los Angeles deals with sex offenders in the community

Louis Theroux: Among the Sex Offenders

David Knox October 8, 2014 2

Louis is back with new docos, as a Brit in Los Angeles, investigating the way it handles its problems.

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Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon and David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne_GOTHAM


David Knox October 7, 2014 9

A darkly painted procedural with hues of mythology & action make a promising start to a new US drama.

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Changing Minds

David Knox October 6, 2014 4

Fragile, funny, surprising. It's impossible not to be drawn to the patients of ABC's mental health documentary.

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David Knox October 4, 2014 0

When their son returns home after a breakdown, Timothy's parents try to nurture him back to health, but therapy may get in the way.

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Party Tricks

David Knox October 1, 2014 14

Can state politics make an interesting drama backdrop? And are viewers ready to move on from Nina Proudman?

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Madam Secretary

David Knox September 28, 2014 14

More Hillary Clinton than Madeleine Albright, Téa Leoni makes for a broadly entertaining US Secretary of State.

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