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Party Tricks

David Knox October 1, 2014 12

Can state politics make an interesting drama backdrop? And are viewers ready to move on from Nina Proudman?

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Madam Secretary

David Knox September 28, 2014 12

More Hillary Clinton than Madeleine Albright, Téa Leoni makes for a broadly entertaining US Secretary of State.

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David Knox September 26, 2014 19

A hacker helping Homeland Security would have made a great documentary, instead of what we get in Scorpion.

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The Code

David Knox September 16, 2014 23

Move over Spooks. Dan Spielman & Ashley Zukerman star in an utterly contemporary ABC thriller.

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Picture shows: Nessa Stein (MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL)

The Honourable Woman

David Knox September 14, 2014 2

A powerful new BBC First thriller led by Maggie Gyllenhaal is dense, elegant and conceals some killer moves.

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Faking It

David Knox September 12, 2014 1

In MTV's new teen comedy it's so cool to be gay, even the straight kids are faking it.

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Devil’s Playground

David Knox September 7, 2014 6

Dark forces turn a coming of age film into an impressive mystery television sequel, in Foxtel's local miniseries.

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The 100

David Knox August 30, 2014 19

How bad is this new teen sci-fi? Very.

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Living with the Enemy

David Knox August 28, 2014 4

Can a gay couple and an Anglican minister learn more about each others' views with Reality cameras following them for 10 days?

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David Knox August 26, 2014 6

Dramatisations of abuse are hard to watch in this docudrama on an ugly chapter of Queensland history.

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Doctor Who

David Knox August 25, 2014 13

He's older, even crankier, but Peter Capaldi's Doctor is a return to classic Doctor Who.

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Black Sails

David Knox August 22, 2014 0

A charming Luke Arnold sets sail in this matinee romp, but the treasure may stay stuck on the ocean floor.

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