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Devious Maids

David Knox July 20, 2014 4

Marc Cherry's latest melodrama wedges murder, intrigue & passion in between the classes, with a flamencan flourish.

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The Amazing Race: Australia v NZ

David Knox July 18, 2014 27

7-produced Race is given the MKR treatment, ramping up the bitchy competition.

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The Politician’s Husband

David Knox July 13, 2014 9

David Tennant stars as a politician whose wife's career overtakes his own in this BBC First drama.

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David Knox July 8, 2014 13

In space Halle Berry still looks fab, in this mystery sci-fi coming to TEN.

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Burton & Taylor

David Knox July 3, 2014 1

BBC's bio-pic on Hollywood's enduring couple lets Helena Bonham-Carter & Dominic West create their own small-screen magic.

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David Knox June 15, 2014 12

Jessica Marais captures the spirit of a pioneering showgirl, despite a casting choice upstaging the drama in ABC1's telemovie.

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Australia’s Secret Heroes

David Knox June 12, 2014 0

SBS marries past with present as 6 descendants of a special WWII unit follow in their forefathers' footsteps.

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Behind the Candelabra

David Knox June 2, 2014 4

HBO's telemovie finally reaches our screens, with exquisite performances, excess, jealousy & showbiz.

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Taking on The Chocolate Frog

David Knox May 31, 2014 0

Underbelly meets Theatre in a 3 part doco where ex-crims tackle Shakespeare & a classic Aussie play.

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I Wanna Marry Harry

David Knox May 30, 2014 6

This faux-reality show is about 10 years too late with a novelty that will wear off fast.

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David Knox May 27, 2014 11

Shocking images, a nation accused of Indigenous neglect, John Pilger puts Australia in the firing line on SBS.

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The Night Shift

David Knox May 25, 2014 0

These medics thrive on adrenalin, flirting and pranks -but haven't we seen it all before?

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