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60 Minutes: Oct 26

David Knox October 24, 2014 0

This Sunday there are stories on spiritual healers, drowning children, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and U2.

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X Factor grand final outranks Seven simulcast

David Knox October 20, 2014 18

Ratings: Seven simulcasts two channels to launch The Big Adventure but X Factor's Grand Final proved to be its winning card.

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60 Minutes: Oct 19

David Knox October 17, 2014 6

This Sunday there are stories on fire alarms, motor neuron disease, cerebral palsy & Neil Diamond.

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Reality rules the week

David Knox October 6, 2014 1

Ratings: Reality TV dominates the Top 10, with Seven snaring the week over Nine.

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Airdate: Gotham

David Knox October 2, 2014 11

Nine to launch Gotham with a double episode out of The Block's auction night.

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Karl Stefanovic: ‘You won’t make it without a thick skin’

David Knox October 1, 2014 1

Karl Stefanovic says TV presenters need a thick skin to survive, but he doesn't support the bullying of Sam Armytage.

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Nostalgia lifts SBS but Nine wins Sunday

David Knox September 29, 2014 25

Ratings: Reality TV and News dominate Sunday but there was the odd bright spot in entertainment too.

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60 Minutes: Sept 28

David Knox September 27, 2014 1

Tara Brown has spent a week in northern Syria and Iraq, with Kurdish female freedom fighters.

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Viewers lukewarm on John Howard interview

David Knox September 22, 2014 20

Ratings: Seven's John Howard interview is no booster for Sunday Night, while there's no stopping The Block.

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Close win for Nine in ratings week

David Knox September 22, 2014 1

Ratings: Just 0.2% divide Nine & Seven, meaning everything will rest on Timeshifted numbers.

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60 Minutes: Sept 21

David Knox September 19, 2014 0

This weekend aeroplane graveyards, surgeons, Cuba and Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga.

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1.7m as Block Glasshouse hits new high

David Knox September 15, 2014 4

Ratings: There's no stopping The Block on Nine, while ANZAC Girls finishes well for ABC.

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