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Bevan Lee passes the baton on A Place to Call Home

David Knox November 19, 2014 7

Bevan Lee is in LA but selects writer-producer Susan Bower to oversee the writing on his show for Foxtel.

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Scheduling impacts on more Janet King

David Knox November 18, 2014 11

A busy Marta Dusseldorp means ABC may have to wait for more of Janet King.

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More Janet King? “Maybe…”

David Knox November 7, 2014 5

Actress in demand, as ABC fans await news of more Janet King with Marta Dusseldorp.

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Brilliant Wentworth video steals the Upfronts show (but we can’t show you why)

David Knox October 31, 2014 4

The girls of Wentworth just want to watch Orange is the New Black. But the Governor was having none of it.

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Foxtel 2015 highlights: iQ3, Deadline Gallipoli, Banished, Gogglebox.

David Knox October 30, 2014 6

Pay TV stars turn in force as Foxtel spruiks its technology and content highlights for 2015.

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Gogglebox to premiere on Foxtel one night, TEN the next.

David Knox October 30, 2014 11

Exclusive: A game-changing joint commissioning by Foxtel / TEN, becomes an Australian TV first.

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A Place to Call Home, two seasons exclusive to Foxtel.

David Knox October 27, 2014 13

Foxtel's unprecedented deal with Seven is a win for fans of melodrama, cast and crew.

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Cameras to resume on A Place to Call Home again in March

David Knox October 26, 2014 31

It's official. Seven will produce a third season of 'axed' melodrama for Foxtel.

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Report: Foxtel throws a lifeline to A Place to Call Home

David Knox October 15, 2014 21

People power appears to have won a reprieve for axed Seven drama, tipped to be revived by Foxtel.

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Axed: The Time of our Lives

David Knox September 5, 2014 36

Updated: ABC says "We are in the enviable position of having a rich slate of successful local drama" as it confirms the end of ensemble drama.

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Reality Check

David Knox August 14, 2014 13

Tom Ballard strikes a good balance in ABC's Gruen-like look at Reality. But why stop there?

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A Place to Call Home fans in Sunrise protest

David Knox August 13, 2014 12

Aggrieved fans took to Sunrise to let Seven know what they think of axing A Place to Call Home.

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