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Ratings sweet spot for TEN

David Knox July 21, 2014 0

Ratings: Seven wins another ratings week, but there was good news at TEN at last.

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Locals upset over axing of A Place to Call Home

David Knox July 16, 2014 16

Local newspaper reports on angst over Seven's melodrama.

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X Factor return trumps Voice: Kids, Thorpe interview.

David Knox July 14, 2014 28

Ratings: TEN's Ian Thorpe interview grabbed world headlines but lands under the magic million as X Factor shows who's boss.

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Angry fans petition Seven to save A Place to Call Home

David Knox July 13, 2014 45

Seven is under attack by fans angry over the axing of its hit drama, venting their fury online.

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It’s “The End” insists A Place to Call Home

David Knox July 7, 2014 32

When the credits roll next Sunday night, let there be no doubt. It's "The End" says Seven.

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1.99m watch Adam & Lisa win House Rules

David Knox July 7, 2014 5

Ratings: House Rules lifts slightly on its 2013 finale, and enough to give Seven an easy win on Sunday.

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Will there be more Offspring? “Never say never…” say producers.

David Knox June 18, 2014 20

There are cost challenges facing an Offspring renewal, but producers remain optimistic for more.

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Tight race for Sunday

David Knox June 16, 2014 7

Ratings: 3 reality shows pull healthy numbers for their networks, as Nine nabs the win.

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HH3-2-8-4  Rhys

Bumped: House Husbands

David Knox June 14, 2014 14

Nine moves House Husbands to Sunday nights in just over a week's time.

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Seven ends development on A Place to Call Home

David Knox June 10, 2014 53

Seven has ended development of its third season and actor contracts have lapsed.

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Seven takes back ratings week

David Knox June 9, 2014 2

Ratings: House Rules helps Seven to edge back in front of Nine, and TEN pips the ABC.

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No surprises as The Voice leads Sunday

David Knox June 2, 2014 3

Ratings: Sunday ratings saw little shake-up as viewers begin to bunker down for winter.

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