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iview offers free Comedy binge

David Knox December 11, 2014 3

Moody Christmas, Ja’mie, Upper Middle Bogan, Frontline & Agony Aunts are all free and on demand.

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Gruen producer appointed ABC Head of Entertainment

David Knox February 13, 2014 6

Gruen co-creator / producer Jon Casimir has been appointed ABC TV’s new Head of Entertainment.

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Why don’t we make sitcoms anymore?

David Knox November 26, 2013 31

Will Australia ever produce a multicam sitcom again? Comedy experts weigh in.

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BB Tim Winner  - 13

Big Brother late but still tops Wednesday

David Knox November 7, 2013 14

Ratings: It's Big Brother's night but the show ran so long the numbers are pretty messy.

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Gruen finale ends solid season for ABC1

David Knox October 31, 2013 21

Ratings: Gruen Planet and Ja'mie win their timeslots for ABC1, but Nine wins Wednesday night.

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Julia Zemiro brings it home for ABC1

David Knox September 16, 2013 3

Sticking with RocKwiz, but with the freedom to appear on ABC1, Julia Zemiro enjoys the best of both worlds.

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Rumour: New comedies in development at Matchbox Pictures

David Knox September 14, 2013 1

TV Tonight hears whispers of two new comedies in development with Matchbox Pictures for ABC and SBS.

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The Agony confessional

David Knox February 5, 2013 0

In his follow-up to Agony Uncles & Aunts, Adam Zwar hears the deepest personal secrets from more celebrities.

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ABC dominates first TV awards at AACTAs

David Knox January 29, 2013 4

Lowdown, Agony Aunts and A Moody Christmas win at the AACTA Awards luncheon.

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Art imitates life on Lowdown

David Knox September 18, 2012 4

First a story on hacking, now a gay footballer comes out- does Lowdown have a crystal ball?

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After the mud, ACA beat TT anyway.

David Knox June 7, 2012 15

Ratings: Today Tonight may have nabbed all the media attention, but the viewers went to A Current Affair.

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The Block wins Reality face-off but Seven takes out Wednesday

David Knox May 31, 2012 8

Ratings: Nine's renovation series was ahead of TEN's cook-off and Seven's talent quest, but Seven won Wednesday night.

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