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The 100

David Knox August 30, 2014 19

How bad is this new teen sci-fi? Very.

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Slow-tracking or Express? Foxtel explains programming strategy.

David Knox August 19, 2014 19

Why does Game of Thrones air day & date but Penny Dreadful is delayed for months? Foxtel's Ross Crowley explains.

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The Multichannels rinse and repeat test

David Knox July 4, 2013 29

Which multichannel has the most first-run content and which has the least? TV Tonight puts them under the microscope.

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Remembering Maureen Duval

David Knox June 28, 2013 7

Video: A classic Beauty & the Beast moment with Maureen Duval when Lisa Wilkinson shocked her back in 2000.

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Battle lines drawn in next ratings war

David Knox April 5, 2013 22

Battle lines are drawn as networks prepare for the return of TV ratings from Sunday.

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A very Bobby Brady sequel

David Knox August 2, 2012 8

Here’s an idea I just can’t get excited about: Vince Vaughn as an adult Bobby Brady.

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Beauty & the Beast: trailer

David Knox June 9, 2012 7

Updated video: As promised, here is the trailer for Beauty & the Beast featuring Jay Ryan.

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Julian McMahon

Julian McMahon for US teen spy series

David Knox March 12, 2012 0

Julian McMahon is in final negotiations to star in a teen spy drama for FOX alongside Angela Bassett.

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Won’t somebody think of the older Australians?

David Knox May 7, 2011 36

Isn't it time Australian television made room for a series with some of our wonderful senior actors? Where are our Golden Girls?

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Hall of Fame has gender imbalance

David Knox May 7, 2010 24

Ruth Cracknell is the sole female inductee in the Logie Hall of Fame, sitting alongside 23 men and 3 TV shows. Why are our women so overlooked?

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Ad-free KidsCo lean, green but not so mean.

David Knox November 17, 2009 11

It's a tricky time to be launching a new kid's channel but TV Tonight learns KidsCo has trimmed its operational costs to run ad-free children's programming.

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