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Devil’s Dust

David Knox November 6, 2012 0

ABC's sombre story of the fight for legal justice by asbestos victims is powerful stuff.

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Ganging up on dumbing down

David Knox July 19, 2012 31

Opinion pieces on television take aim at TEN and at our Drama Producers.

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A no-brainer week as Nine takes 5 nights

David Knox June 24, 2012 11

With two ´╗┐Voice´╗┐ finales, it was always going to be a no-brainer that the week would fall to Nine, but it managed 5 of 7 nights.

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Seven wins Tuesday night

David Knox June 20, 2012 11

Ratings: Without event television last night the numbers were a lot more conventional, with Seven taking out Tuesday.

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Nine wins week, but TEN beats Seven in two key demos.

David Knox June 17, 2012 13

Nine won the week in Total People but the action was more interesting in the demos where TEN had wins over Seven.

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Just 0.1% separates Seven and Nine for the win

David Knox June 10, 2012 6

It all went down to Saturday night, with sport the deciding factor. But Seven snatched a win from Nine last week by just 0.1%.

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Nine’s royal Tuesday win

David Knox June 6, 2012 7

Ratings: Nine's right royal Diamond Jubilee Concert helped it win the night.

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Stubble trouble for Hamish Macdonald

David Knox May 31, 2012 17

Huh? TEN bosses want Hamish Macdonald to be cleanshaven for the return of its Late News.

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Nine News tops Tuesday but Seven takes the night

David Knox May 23, 2012 12

Updated:: Nine News wins nationally including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane but Seven wins Tuesday.

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Bikie Wars, Once Upon a Time replays. Gone: House.

David Knox May 16, 2012 16

Sorry fans of House -it was due back this Saturday night but now TEN is repeating Bikie Wars from 9:30pm instead.

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Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms

David Knox May 14, 2012 15

"If you insult someone, we defend ourselves," learns new Comanchero recruit Snoddy, in TEN's 6 part miniseries.

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