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Most surprising comment from James Packer…

David Knox February 12, 2013 15

Forget about the tears, how do we explain this quote?

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2013 ratings battle is underway

David Knox February 11, 2013 31

Ratings: Against the cricket, Seven's line-up drove Sunday's ratings. But there was good news for MasterChef.

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Social media influences TV productions

David Knox February 10, 2013 6

Producers monitor instant feedback and shape future storylines in response to audience reaction.

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Bondi Rescue: Feb 10

David Knox February 5, 2013 1

Bondi Rescue returns on Sunday and for the first time ever the lifeguards will narrate the series.

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Programmer’s Wrap 2013: TEN

David Knox January 29, 2013 30

TEN programming chief Beverley McGarvey plans to win viewers back in 2013.

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SPAA 2012: The Big 4 spitting out the formats

David Knox November 14, 2012 0

SPAA Conference: Producer Nick Murray names the 4 big production companies who get 80% of the work with overseas formats.

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2 year old Air Ways episodes not the new Tiger

David Knox September 26, 2012 8

Tiger says Seven's Airways series is airing footage from 2 years ago and doesn't reflect the relaunched airline.

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TEN legacy: Mott years were bold, says industry.

David Knox August 29, 2012 28

David Mott's achievements weren't just noisy Reality formats, but bold moves that have changed the TV landscape.

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Project stand-up

David Knox June 28, 2012 1

During their sojourn in Sydney, the gang from The Project took the stage at The Comedy Store.

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2.3m watch dynamite performances on The Voice

David Knox May 8, 2012 16

Ratings: Another 2.33m viewers tuned in to catch some superb duets on The Voice on Monday, with an easy win for Nine.

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Bondi Rescue Maxi and Hoppo smaller

Bondi Rescue hangs out on Google+

David Knox May 7, 2012 1

Bondi Rescue lifesavers will engage in live video chats with fans from around the world using their own webcams.

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Bondi uniforms to the Rescue

David Knox May 2, 2012 0

Bondi Rescue has become so successful internationally that tourists now expect Aussie lifeguards to be sporting the same light blue tops.

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