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5 from 5 wins for The Block

David Knox September 19, 2014 3

Ratings: The Block has now won Sunday - Thursday for two straight weeks, an unstoppable force in ratings land.

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Sunrise v Today USA week: so who won?

David Knox September 12, 2014 14

Ratings: Two weeks, two shows in the USA -but only one winner.

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ABC: Mental As… week

David Knox September 11, 2014 8

Live variety, comedy & documentary -it's all part of ABC's massive Mental Health week.

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Sunrise road trip tops breakfast ratings

David Knox September 5, 2014 5

Ratings: Sunrise in the US scores its biggest week of the year, but Nine takes its 5th night of the week.

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It’s love at first goat

David Knox August 29, 2014 11

Ratings: Would viewers rather watch animals falling in love than people?

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Bachelor tantrums top demos, Nine wins Thursday.

David Knox August 22, 2014 11

Ratings: Drama on The Bachelor saw the show top the Demos, but News and Sport give Nine the win.

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Catalyst up, SBS World News down on Thursday.

David Knox August 15, 2014 14

Ratings: It was a low-ratings Thursday, especially for SBS World News, but Nine took the night.

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Reality slips, Seven wins their first night of the week.

David Knox August 1, 2014 8

Ratings: Reality shows fail to grab the limelight, allowing Seven their first win of the week.

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Perennial Footy Show gives Nine another Thursday win

David Knox July 18, 2014 18

Ratings: MasterChef topped the demos on a quiet Thursday but Nine's Footy Show still kicks goals after 21 years.

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Catalyst “heart disease” episode breaches ABC standards

David Knox May 12, 2014 2

ABC rules Catalyst's controversial report on statins & heart disease breached ABC standards on impartiality.

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Catalyst special: Don’t Panic: Surviving Extremes

David Knox November 28, 2013 0

Two volunteer families will experience what it's like to go through bushfire and cyclone emergencies.

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Catalyst supposed to be provocative, says ABC Director of TV.

David Knox November 20, 2013 7

"It was inherently controversial and was always going to be, and the team knew that," Richard Finlayson says of Catalyst.

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