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Catalyst: Nov 15

David Knox November 13, 2012 1

This final episode for 2012 investigates what has happened to our weather over the past 100 years.

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Geeks rule Thursday

David Knox November 9, 2012 39

Ratings: Twice the number of viewers who watched Redfern Now tuned in to see four geeks get a makeover.

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Promising start for Redfern Now, but Nine wins Thursday.

David Knox November 2, 2012 16

Ratings: Redfern Now was second in its timeslot and winning rave reviews on social media, but Nine won Thursday night.

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Nine wins Thursday

David Knox October 26, 2012 6

Ratings: It was another low-rating Thursday but Nine led primary, multichannels and demos.

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Bottom of the heap

David Knox October 23, 2012 53

Foreign language News, Home Shopping & classic sitcoms -what’s sitting at the bottom of the TV ratings?

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The theory on multichannels gets Nine a bigger bang

David Knox October 19, 2012 9

Ratings: When primary channels are neck and neck, it's a multichannel that makes all the difference, as Nine wins Thursday.

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Nine News wins Thursday

David Knox October 12, 2012 24

Ratings: Nine pipped Seven by just 0.1% with its Sydney and Melbourne News bulletins leading the charge.

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Warning …. here comes the sun

David Knox October 5, 2012 27

Ratings: Daylight Saving begins this Sunday and a quick look at Thursday's results is a clear reminder of how it will impact on TV ratings.

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ABC News wins timeslot

David Knox August 17, 2012 22

Ratings: ABC News won the 7pm timeslot. That may suggest audiences are none too rapt in the alternative shows.

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ACA tops Today Tonight but holds off escort interview

David Knox May 25, 2012 12

ACAs coverage on Craig Thomson helped it to beat Today Tonight -all without even having to broadcast its interview with an escort.

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Head of Documentaries quits ABC

David Knox May 24, 2012 1

Updated: Alan Erson, ABC TV’s Head of Documentaries, has resigned to take up a new position with Essential Media.

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ABC TV appoints new Head of Entertainment

David Knox April 24, 2012 1

ABC's Head of Factual, Jennifer Collins, becomes the new Head of Entertainment.

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