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So does the ABC care about ratings or not?

David Knox November 30, 2010 18

Yesterday the ABC got into the Ratings Press Release game, with just as much spin as their commercial counterparts.

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ABC3 tracking well with kids

David Knox February 6, 2010 30

The ABC is singing the praises of ABC3, which it claims is the most popular channel for kids aged 5- 12.

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Prank Patrol ABC3’s top show

David Knox December 8, 2009 77

Prank Patrol was the top show on the weekend on ABC3, with 83,000 checking out the show after the official launch by the PM.

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Countdown to ABC3

David Knox December 4, 2009 16

Australia gets a new TV channel when ABC3 hits the airwaves with a flick of the switch from Kevin Rudd.

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Gallery: ABC3

David Knox November 29, 2009 14

Take a glimpse at some of the shows you will see when ABC3 launches to children across the country this Friday.

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Short Stack, Cassie Davis, KRudd for ABC3 launch

David Knox November 22, 2009 31

PM Kevin Rudd will be joined by our rising musical stars as part of the official launch for ABC3 on Friday December 4th.

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Meet the faces of ABC3

David Knox October 23, 2009 51

The kids of Australia are about to get so much content on ABC3, it's like their very own 'Pay TV' network -without ads or fees.

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SBS wins at AWGIE Awards

David Knox August 29, 2009 3

Updated: At the country's best scriptwriting gongs there were accolades for The Circuit, Saved and First Australians, Rush, Home & Away and Review with Myles Barlow.

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ABC3 opens door to TV pitches

David Knox August 24, 2009 13

ABC3 is looking for a live-action, mixed media program, animated drama or comedy, variety and a game show for kids.

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ABC3 announces new Aussie kids shows

David Knox June 18, 2009 28

There's comedy, drama, music, wildlife, quiz shows, comedies, Indigenous programs, news and sport -all on ABC3 by Christmas.

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Kids drama takes a leap at ABC

David Knox February 10, 2009 13

ABC TV has announced two new Australian children’s drama series aimed at an 8 to 12 year audience: Dance Academy and My Place.

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