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Warning: Political comedy may offend

David Knox July 3, 2013 30

Parody and satire? Genevieve Morris warns ABC1's Wednesday Night Fever may be provocative.

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Wednesday Night Fever rewrites after Labor spill

David Knox June 27, 2013 8

Exclusive: ABC comedy writers are frantically rewriting material for next week after the Labor showdown.

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Sammy J to host Wednesday Night Fever

David Knox May 30, 2013 9

ABC announced the ensemble cast for its new live comedy series, starting in July.

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ABC appoints new Head of Comedy

David Knox April 24, 2013 12

The ABC has appointed Rick Kalowski, currently Creative Director for Quail Television, as its new Head of Comedy.

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Shaun Micallef

Airdate: Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell

David Knox April 26, 2012 11

Surpri-i-i-se. Micallef's new show on ABC1 will screen on Friday nights, not Wednesdays.

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Agony Uncles 77032 (1)

Funny uncle

David Knox March 21, 2012 16

Scott Brennan is the gay uncle to his nieces and nephews, but he also has some advice to share in ABC's Agony Uncles.

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ABC commissions At Home with Julia sitcom

David Knox July 18, 2011 41

ABC1 has commissioned a comedy about the PM and her partner in The Lodge, At Home with Julia, described as "part rom-com, part guaranteed lawsuit."

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Ben Elton says sorry: “Yes, we got the mix wrong”

David Knox February 13, 2011 60

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Elton says viewers were right -his first live show was too smutty and he aims to strike the right balance this week.

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Genevieve is all Front on Planet Earth

David Knox February 9, 2011 36

It was Genevieve Morris and her hilarious celebrity interview with Ruby Rose who stole the first episode of Ben Elton's new show.

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Nine to follow North to South Pole marathon

David Knox October 4, 2010 4

Nine will provide live coverage of former politician Pat Farmer's marathon run from the North to the South Poles in 2011.

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Cameras roll on more Jesters

David Knox May 4, 2010 7

Movie Extra began shooting its second season of The Jesters in Sydney on Monday.

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Returning: The Go Show

David Knox September 28, 2009 8

Nickelodeon's magazine-style show The Go Show is back in October, with five new hosts and a mashed-up format.

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