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Hope yet for ABC2

David Knox November 9, 2014 15

ABC2 is looking ahead with new titles for 2015, contradicting rumours the channel could go under budget cuts.

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Axed: The Roast

David Knox November 4, 2014 19

News parody gets the chop while ABC2 original content could be next under budget cuts.

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It’s love at first goat

David Knox August 29, 2014 11

Ratings: Would viewers rather watch animals falling in love than people?

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Stuart Menzies_01

Stuart Menzies to depart ABC

David Knox August 15, 2014 2

Head of TV Content and Creative Development, and former Channel Controller for ABC2, will leave the ABC.

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Molly calls Brian Taylor “a belligerent turd”

David Knox July 18, 2014 2

Video: Molly lets rip at "all the shit" spoken by Seven AFL commentator Brian Taylor.

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Lawrence live and unapologetic

David Knox July 2, 2014 13

ABC2's panel show on celebrity obsession is so Live, some viewers don't even realise it.

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2014-06-12_2340 dd

Denise Drysdale in demand

David Knox June 13, 2014 7

Ding Dong shows no signs of slowing down, cramming in two Live shows in different cities in the one day.

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Returning: Dirty Laundry Live

David Knox May 4, 2014 6

Lawrence Mooney and Brooke Satchwell are back on ABC2, skewering all things tabloid.

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Dirty Laundry Live: August 22

David Knox August 22, 2013 1

Guests: Sam Pang, Imogen Bailey, Wil Anderson and Kat Stewart.

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Dirty Laundry Live’s dirty farewell to the Rafters

David Knox July 8, 2013 10

Video: Lawrence Mooney is a very bad boy. Look away if you're a Rafters fan.

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The Multichannels rinse and repeat test

David Knox July 4, 2013 29

Which multichannel has the most first-run content and which has the least? TV Tonight puts them under the microscope.

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Dirty Laundry Live: June 6

David Knox June 5, 2013 3

Guests this week include Kate Langbroek and Joel Creasey.

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