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Family Confidential final

David Knox March 11, 2014 0

Family Confidential Charles Blackman is the unlikely kid from the wrong side of the tracks who today is one of Australia’s most famous living artists. Rescued from a life of poverty and hardship by

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Seven takes third night in a row

David Knox February 12, 2014 11

Ratings: The third day of the ratings year was rather uneventful with MKR still well ahead of the pack.

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Family Confidential

David Knox February 4, 2014 0

Family Confidential returns for a third, headline-grabbing series. Narrated by Gretel Killeen, this series showcases some of the biggest names in Australia and the world, and reveals the private story behind the public face.

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Returning: Family Confidential

David Knox January 20, 2014 1

Family Confidential returns with Hugh Jackman, Deborra-Lee Furness and family, narrated by Gretel Killeen.

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ABC Publicity cuts through the pack

David Knox January 17, 2014 8

4 shiny media kits from ABC TV Publicity is a great way to get a journo's attention.

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Upcoming projects win Screen NSW funding

David Knox September 18, 2013 1

Love Child, Catching Milat, Family Confidential and Bushwhacked are amongst those to receive funding from Screen NSW.

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Final ratings week is a cliffhanger

David Knox December 2, 2012 6

Ratings: The final week sums up the bigger picture: one race between Seven & Nine and another between ABC & TEN.

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Vale: Bryce Courtenay

David Knox November 23, 2012 3

Author Bryce Courtenay, best known for his novels and miniseries screenplays, has died, aged 79.

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