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Airdate: Party Tricks

David Knox September 22, 2014 12

TEN's new political-romance with Asher Keddie & Rodger Corser will premiere on October 6th.

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Four Corners: Sept 22

David Knox September 18, 2014 0

Four Corners is promising the full story of ‘Baby Gammy’, told from his mother’s point of view.

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Seven clinches Monday ratings win

David Knox September 16, 2014 4

Ratings: The Block was out in front but Seven's multichannels pushed them over the line in network share.

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Four Corners: Sept 15

David Knox September 12, 2014 1

Next week Four Corners reports on Australian casinos and the threat posed by organised crime.

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BB Launch Night - 009

Block, Big Brother double gives Nine the night.

David Knox September 9, 2014 18

Ratings: Nine's night of Reality ensures a win, while the return of Leigh Sales tops the evening on ABC.

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Four Corners: Sept 8

David Knox September 4, 2014 1

Four Corners looks at the horror of flight MH17 and the aftermath, with grieving families caught in the political war.

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HH S3 B7D2385 Anna McGahan as Lucy in HOUSE HUSBANDS (Series 3). A Playmaker Production for the Nine Network. Photo Jodie Hutch

House Husbands on high gives the night to Nine

David Knox September 2, 2014 4

Ratings: House Husbands enjoys its best numbers of the season. Sunrise in the USA scores for Seven.

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Four Corners: Sept 1

David Knox August 28, 2014 0

On Four Corners, the story of the woman dubbed the White Widow, now one of the world’s most wanted terror suspects.

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HH B6 D8 520  Firass Dirani as Justin Baynie in HOUSE HUSBANDS (Series 3). A Playmaker Production for the Nine Network. Photo J

Monday Drama choices suggest it’s not all about Reality

David Knox August 26, 2014 9

Ratings: In a sea of Reality choices, viewers were gravitating towards some dramas on Monday.

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Four Corners: Aug 25

David Knox August 21, 2014 0

Four Corners reveals an explosive paper trail that questions regulatory procedures, after a banned cocaine-addicted surgeon was able to keep working.

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Rove’s return lifts The Project

David Knox August 19, 2014 8

Ratings: Rove at the desk adds an extra 100,000 to The Project, but Monday belonged to Nine.

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Four Corners: Aug 18

David Knox August 17, 2014 0

Four Corners claims testing at the Great Barrier Reef shows it should be on the UNESCO World Heritage “In Danger” list.

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