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Foreign Correspondent exec appointed Sunday Night producer

David Knox December 20, 2014 1

Sunday Night scores a coup by hiring executive producer Steve Taylor.

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Walkley Awards 2014: winners

David Knox December 5, 2014 9

ABC dominates TV winners at the Walkleys, plus a win for SKY News' David Speers.

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Vale: Les Wasley

David Knox December 1, 2014 1

Renowned ABC cameraman Les Wasley, who worked with the ABC for over 20 years, has died.

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Four Corners exec producer to exit

David Knox November 27, 2014 2

"It's been the best gig in the world and I'm going to miss it terribly," says Sue Spencer.

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Seven’s big bucks beaten by Big Bang replay

David Knox November 25, 2014 19

Ratings: Seven's million dollar gamble lifts slightly for its finale, but remains one of the year's most expensive exercises.

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ABC cuts into News

David Knox November 25, 2014 0

Four Corners, Lateline, Australian Story, Landline & Foreign Correspondent will all take a cut as ABC swings the axe.

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End in sight for Ratings year

David Knox November 24, 2014 7

Ratings: In the penultimate week of the ratings year there were some rare flashes for GO!, SBS ONE and NITV.

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Four Corners: Nov 24

David Knox November 22, 2014 0

Final 2014 episode presents an investigation into how caregivers preyed on the vulnerable, unable to defend themselves.

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ABC strong on Monday night

David Knox November 18, 2014 11

Ratings: Viewers turn to ABC on Monday with bumper numbers for Australian Story and Four Corners.

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Viewers in early summer season

David Knox November 17, 2014 7

Ratings: As TV ratings go, viewers continue to tell networks they are already in summer mode.

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Four Corners: Nov 17

David Knox November 13, 2014 0

Four Corners reports on transgendered children, born in the wrong body and struggling to be who they are.

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Party Tricks finale lifts, Australian Story scores for ABC.

David Knox November 11, 2014 20

Ratings: Nine wins Monday with Big Bang while Seven can thank its multichannels for a softer landing.

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