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Sneak Peek: Lady Gaga on Gossip Girl

David Knox November 13, 2009 3

Lady Gaga performs "Bad Romance" on the next season of Gossip Girl.

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More changes for GO!

David Knox November 12, 2009 35

More changes, this time affecting Moonlight, Gossip Girl, The Wire, Fringe and Drop Dead Diva.

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Returning: Gossip Girl

David Knox November 4, 2009 13

Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, same sex kisses, threesomes and the usual furtive love ... here comes Season 3.

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Foxtel 2010 highlights

David Knox October 15, 2009 28

Here's the skinny on Foxtel's plans for Gossip Girl, The Contender, Next Top Model, American Idol, Entourage, Project Runway, Spirited & more.

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The Vampire Diaries

David Knox September 25, 2009 23

Pretty kids, hot romance, billowing fog, wild parties, theatrical photography and peril. Kevin Williamson stamps his teeny series with a sense of fun.

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Finally, another show about nothing

David Knox September 11, 2009 9

So America remakes 90210 and Melrose Place. But what if they remade Seinfeld? Only on the CW.

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Josh Schwartz scripting sitcom

David Knox August 28, 2009 3

Josh Schwartz could be moving from The OC, Gossip Girl and Chuck to a traditional sitcom.

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Gossip Girl: WTF!

David Knox August 11, 2009 11

Last year the CW Network gained an awful lot of traction from its marketing campaign with 4 little letters. Now it has 3.

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Australia gets to GO!

David Knox August 9, 2009 169

Update: GO! is on the air with its first night of programming and national advertisements.

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“Survivors ready? GO!”

David Knox August 5, 2009 68

Ahead of the launch of GO! on Sunday night, TV Tonight spoke to Les Sampson, Nine's Director of Multichannels about the new channel.

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Nine releases GO! schedule

David Knox July 24, 2009 123

Fringe, Survivor: Gabon, Gossip Girl, Moonlight, Terminator, Eleventh Hour, TMZ and The ARIA Music Show. It's all systems GO!

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Tuesday night’s a bitch

David Knox July 24, 2009 15

The CW's Melrose Place remake brings back a memorable campaign slogan in the US.

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