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Picture shows: Nessa Stein (MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL)

The Honourable Woman

David Knox September 14, 2014 2

A powerful new BBC First thriller led by Maggie Gyllenhaal is dense, elegant and conceals some killer moves.

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“Is he really dead?” Claire Danes faces Homeland without Damian Lewis

David Knox September 4, 2014 8

"I think there’s a part of me that is also a little unsure," Claire Dane concedes.

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Fast-tracking free for all

David Knox August 31, 2014 10

Which US shows will be fast-tracked in coming months? Here's a few.

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“You can’t force it” -Josh Thomas gets a quick lesson in casting diversity

David Knox August 8, 2014 11

He hates Aussie TV being so white, so what happened when Josh Thomas came to casting his own series?

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Homeland: trailer

David Knox July 20, 2014 4

Video: First look at the new season, with Carrie on the ground in Pakistan.

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2014: Still to Come

David Knox July 9, 2014 33

At the halfway point of the TV year, what else is yet to air?

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Vale: James Rebhorn

David Knox March 24, 2014 4

Actor James Rebhorn, seen most recently as the father of Carrie Mathison in Homeland, has died aged 65.

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Don’t treat your audience like idiots

David Knox February 17, 2014 29

Dear So You Think You Can Dance, please don't treat me like an idiot if you want me to keep watching.

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Returning: The Simpsons

David Knox February 7, 2014 15

A new season of The Simpsons has finally been scheduled by TEN, now on a new night.

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Lukewarm Monday a sign of things to come

David Knox November 26, 2013 15

Ratings: It's as if audiences -and networks- have already switched to summer content.

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No lift yet for TEN morning shows

David Knox November 19, 2013 24

Ratings: It could be a long week for TEN's morning shows, with no lift from the rankings a week earlier.

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Ricky Ponting Image

TEN: Summer highlights

David Knox November 15, 2013 25

Big Bash League, Homeland, Sleepy Hollow, Have You Been Paying Attention?, American Idol & American Horror Story all screen on TEN's summer.

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