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Melissa George set for The Good Wife

David Knox June 30, 2013 9

Melissa George is joining Season 5 of The Good Wife in a recurring role.

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Hunted moves into spin-off for Melissa George

David Knox June 23, 2013 3

Melissa George will return as spy Sam Hunter, but strictly speaking Hunter moves into a spin-off rather than second season.

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Seven’s week almost a clean sweep

David Knox November 25, 2012 0

Ratings: Seven very nearly took the lot last week as it had done so often in 2011, but which show stopped a clean sweep?

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Airdate: Real Humans

David Knox November 25, 2012 9

SBS begins a 10 part Swedish sci-fi thriller set in a parallel present in which the artificial human has come into its own.

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The day before the axe

David Knox November 22, 2012 4

TV Tonight asked Hunted producer Stephen Garrett about the show's future the day before BBC cancelled it.

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Axed?: Hunted ….but wait, says HBO.

David Knox November 15, 2012 27

Update: Melissa George's spy thriller is shot down in the UK but US co-producers are planning a second season.

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Melissa George approved of The Morning Show questions

David Knox November 12, 2012 36

Morning Show producer says Melissa George had no objections to a script prior to her interview. But then it all went wrong.

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Airdate: Hunted

David Knox October 27, 2012 10

SBS scoops the premiere of the new UK series Hunted, with Melissa George in the world of international espionage.

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UK exec to speak at SPAA Conference

David Knox October 4, 2012 0

Stephen Garrett, from Kudos Film & Television and Shine Pictures, will be a keynote speaker at this year’s annual SPAA Conference.

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