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Returning: The Hard Times of R.J. Berger

David Knox July 6, 2011 4

The kid at school whose appendage makes him the centre of attention, makes a return.

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Airdate: Geordie Shore

David Knox June 28, 2011 7

Geordie Shore, the UK reality series inspired by Jersey Shore, begins on MTV next week.

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ASTRA Awards 2011: Subscribers’ Choice finalists

David Knox June 18, 2011 0

Back to front? ASTRA Awards again pre-select the nominees that are in the running for the viewers' choice categories.

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Passionate Gyngell loves TV

David Knox May 20, 2011 12

Nine Entertainment boss David Gyngell is frank, full of passion, even respected by his rivals.

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Airdate: Jersey Shore

David Knox April 28, 2011 18

US Reality series Jersey Shore will finally have its free to air premiere with a two-hour episode on 7mate next month.

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Seven leads with Australian-made

David Knox February 1, 2011 31

Whether it's drama, factual or lifestyle, Australian shows are at the centre of Seven's brand, as Head of Programming Tim Worner explains.

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GLAAD slaps Glee over Rocky Horror

David Knox November 4, 2010 31

GLAAD has criticised the Rocky Horror episode of Glee for using the word "tranny" in reference to a transsexual.

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MTV announces new Aussie “reality drama” Freshwater Blue

David Knox October 25, 2010 57

Move over Jersey Shore and The Hills... sexy girls and hunky guys from Sydney's Northern Shores are about to be hitting television screens.

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iQ2 enabled for internet TV

David Knox October 1, 2010 34

Updated: Foxtel flicks the switch on the iQ2 allowing for On Demand TV via the internet at $2.95 an episode and new release movies for $5.50.

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Returning: Jersey Shore

David Knox September 6, 2010 12

Be afraid. Season Two of MTV's reality series about eight housemates spending their summers together begins tomorrow.

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New channel coming: 7mate

David Knox August 19, 2010 194

The Seven Network has announced a new digital channel, 7mate, to launch on September 25, aimed at men 16-49.

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MTV redesigns iconic logo

David Knox February 13, 2010 24

No more Music Television as MTV rebrands its iconic logo after 29 years, to fit with broader channel programming.

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